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2009-06-30, 04:01 PM
Hey all,

As the site nears 1,000 members, we develop a collection of people from all walks of life. Sometimes and unfortunately, people make come to dislike others, take issue with certain members' patterns for posting, or just find someone's post topics or style to be unpopular.

Also, some behaviors exceed the ability of moderators, because while a member may be "annoying" to some, he/she might not have actually violated any of the rules we have in place, and sometimes there is little action that can be taken if there are no violations.

In these situations, we strongly urge members to utilize the "foe" feature. This feature allows you to essentially block and screen a particular member's posts. There will be a line in their posts' place telling you that a post written by that member is hidden, and give you the option to view that individual post if you desire so.

To do this, simply go to the person's profile and underneath their avatar, click on "Add Foe", and then confirm. That's all. You can also un-foe someone by the same procedure.

We want the forums to be a place where all can be comfortable and enjoy themselves. With the inevitable clashes of personality that might occur on occasion, this is an excellent way to enjoy NYCAviation forums as you please without interruption by members that fall into that gray area.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


flyboy 28
2009-06-30, 05:30 PM
Any idea what does the 'friend' list does?

2009-06-30, 05:42 PM
Friends enable you quick access to members you communicate with frequently.

Alex T
2009-06-30, 10:41 PM
I can see everyone foe-ing me now because of my WN chats LOL :lol: