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2009-04-27, 09:50 PM
Went out after work to catch a B17 which would be stationed here for the upcoming week. Ended up missing the arrival stuck in traffic, caught a few of the cargo planes at a lot just north of the museum that is better for the action, and then decided to down to the museum to see if I could get some statics of the B17. After snapping a few poor ones, I saw the 757A (F22 testbed) on final, I ran back to my car, climbed on top (didn't have enough time to move back to the previous spot), and saw someone (Museum of flight security) coming down quite purposefully to me:
"Sir, please get off your car."
"Why? - I've never been asked to get off before?"
"FAA rules, you are above the fence."
"I'm also more than 10 feet back from it."
"Doesn't matter...get off your car."
"I have been here dozens of times in this same spot and many others around the airport and never had a problem."
"Well, it's the rule, and I'm enforcing it. The local police, airport police, and our security enforces it. Please get off your car, or I'm going to have to force you to get off the car."
"They never have before. (stepping off the car) In fact, I was at the lot just north of here doing the same right up against the fence and Boeing security and the field security drove by and waived."
"It's our property, and so it's my problem to fix - whether they enforce it or not doesn't matter because I am. I don't want to be a dick, I know you're just taking pictures, but it's my job to get you off your car. Go to the other lot and spot there, but don't do this here."

Roughly paraphrased but accurate enough. He did actually use the word dick.
Anyways, it was my first run in with anyone in Seattle. And the last time I spot on my vehicle at the Museum lot - at least when he's around.

Iberia A340-600
2009-04-27, 09:58 PM
Back in August when I was visiting Seattle I had a similar experience in one of the lots at BFI. I was sitting on top of the car in the lot to the left of the tower when a security officer came and told me I wasn't aloud to photograph from that lot but I could from one further down.

I wonder if it was the same guy since it seems like the others you've mentioned have been fine with you being there.

2009-04-27, 10:10 PM
I wonder if it was the same guy since it seems like the others you've mentioned have been fine with you being there
No, it couldn't be the same person. The lot to the left of the tower is Boeing property, so you were probably told to move along by the field or Boeing security - I was told to move along by museum of flight security. It is pretty well established to not spot left of the tower - at least by us locals. You literally have to do a pop and run if you want a shot. Boeing security is pretty on top of that - especially being next to the tower where it's easy to see. So left is bad, right is good.

2009-04-27, 11:10 PM
Wow I'm actually very shocked that this happened.
After seeing all your great shots from BFI I assumed that BFI was one of the most spotter friendly airports.
Wether he was a guy just trying to flex his 'power over the people' laws who knows, but better luck next time.

2009-04-28, 12:35 AM
After seeing all your great shots from BFI I assumed that BFI was one of the most spotter friendly airports.

It is absolutely one of the most spotter friendly airports in the US. I can roll my car up to within inches of the fence, get on top of the roof, whip out the 100-400 and shoot all day and get cops and pilots waving at us. It's great. The MOF is somewhere I don't go often anymore. Sometimes I really like and crave the angle, but for touchdowns it isn't the best spot. In any case, I've had small run ins with this guy before, and I've heard others have as well. I have shot here on the weekends many times, and never had an issue. The parking lot is usually packed, especially on a good day - so security seems to have better things to do than worry about a few guys on the roof. I won't hesitate to get on my roof again there - but I wouldn't do so on a weekday afternoon anymore as that is when this guy seems to be around.

2009-04-29, 12:24 PM
"...I don't want to be a dick..."

Could have fooled me. Even if he was just doing his job, it sounds like it could have been more plesant. Especially with the threat that if you didn't comply, he'd make you. Strange how he's the ONLY ONE that has ever said anything to you. Makes me thing that the above statement was a Fruedian slip.