View Full Version : IND.....Not A Spotter Friendly Airport

2009-04-08, 08:35 PM
Today, I had a few hours to kill before work, and had my camera in the car, so I decided to head out for a couple of hours of spotting at the new IND Airport, after being told by the new administrator of the IND Spotting Group, that spotting was allowed on top of the parking garage.

Well guess what, airport police frowns on spotters, and if they see you, will come up and ask you to leave, and state, "photo taking is not allowed on the property of the IND airport". The same issue that was had at the old terminal.

So if anyone ever decides to spot in IND, do at your own risk. Spotters are definately not welcomed, no matter what the IND Spotting Group might say

And what really ticks me off is I was just getting ready to snap a DL/NW DC-9 on approach.

2009-04-09, 02:25 AM
Interesting. Last time I was there with a camera was back when the new terminal opened in November. Cop stopped my friend and me on the departures roadway (surprise, surprise), and while I haven't shot from the parking garage, it wouldn't surprise me that they get huffy over there as well.

I'm up in West Lafayette right now, and I may call to speak with some IND people to see what progress can be made. Does the parking deck really make for that decent of a shot?

Hell, if you want to split the cost, we can fly down from LAF (or even TYQ) and you can take all the shots you want from the taxiways (or the air!)...


2009-04-18, 10:05 AM
the only thing I can understand is that if you're on private property, you are going to be more hassled about photography, but if you say that the IND parking garage is property of the airport thats like saying its not public if im not mistaken. Same way like JFKs T5 garage. If you're caught doing photography, they are either gonna ask you to leave or report you to the PAPD.

2010-04-30, 07:52 PM
The best place i have found in IND is at the Radisson hotel park lot on the northeast side under the approach to Rwy23L..The FX 777 tend to land on that one most of the time as do the most FX arrivals.. :)