View Full Version : NYC Aviation hat

2009-01-26, 06:12 AM
Hi guys/Phil,

Just wondering if there is any hat with NYC AVIATION logos i can purchase.

Recall Phil wearing one maybe in pictures ive seen- or i could of been dreaming? :)

Ive seen the tshirts but am particularly interested in the hat.

Any help appreciated.


2009-01-26, 01:12 PM
There is only one NYCAviation hat that exists....and it is worn by my father. A prototype was made, but is not yet available for purchase.

If/when that changes, I will let you all know. :)

2009-01-26, 03:17 PM
I would likely purchase and proudly wear a NYC aviation hat Phil, and I think others would as well, great way to promote the sight especially in cooler weather when NYC aviaiton shirts would likely be hidden under jackets.

Keep us posted on the progress.