View Full Version : Forum Errors and Downtime

2008-10-09, 03:29 AM
As many of you are aware, the forums were down for most of Wednesday evening.

This was due to a database issue on our host's side. Our host has performed wonderfully since we completed our transition to the new server, and this seems to be one of the rare occasions of outage that one can expect here and there with any server.

I'm sorry to anyone who felt inconvenienced, or if you were forced to socialize on the Anet forums all night. :)

Thank you for your understanding!


2008-10-09, 01:46 PM
You should be sorry Phil.... I was at work all night last night and I had nothing to do..... so I actually helped a few customers. Man did that suck!

P.S. Can you please send out a check asap for a full 6 months refund as any downtime is not excusable..... And don't try to come off as the "Nice Guy" just because you host a free site and do not get any reimbursement. It should work just as well if we were paying $10,000.00 an hour. Thanks for sending the check in a timely manner -Fred