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09-22-2008, 12:04 PM
Saturday was my first time at Firestone, and it was good to meet up with everyone who was there.

I was a little apprehensive when the NCPD officer showed up, but he was cool with everyone, even joking around a little with everyone.

This was my 3rd interaction in 2 weeks with cops. The first was at PHL on 9/10 when first one car stopped, followed by another 2. The first cop handled everything, checking our ID's etc. and the others just stood by. They allowed us to continue spoitting while he ran our ID, and then after he had given us our license back they all left, the first one making a point of telling us we were OK to stay there.

Later the same day at IAD, I had phoned airport ops as usual and was given the OK. Around 5pm we were watching the cops deal with an accident between 2 shuttle buses. As they were taking details, they spotted us on top of the daily garage. One of the cars sped off in the direction of the parking lot entrance.

When they arrived, I handed him my license and he asked did we have permission to be up there. I told him I had called Ops and who I had spoken to. He admitted he didn't know the person in Ops but he ran our details and then told us we could stay. I asked if it was OK to be up there the following day, with it being 9/11, he said just do the same as today and they'll let you know if there are any restrictions. He also told us the date was the reason they had to check on us when they spotted us.

I called ops the next morning, and there were no problems or restrictions.