View Full Version : Dems Have Clear Edge, So Why Can't Obama Close the Deal?

Matt Molnar
2008-09-03, 02:25 PM
He's well spoken and well funded, and he's facing a limping Republican party. Why then, has Obama not sealed the election by now? Shouldn't he be like 20 points ahead instead of 8? This op-ed in today's WSJ thinks Americans like Obama, but they don't really like what he's saying.

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2008-09-03, 10:54 PM
Same reason Kerry couldn't 4 years ago. It their haste to win and election the DNC has produced a candidate that this country just simply can't elect. Sure he gives a great speech but his views and stance on issues and what he is proposing is just not practical. Plus he is left of Hillary which is scary. In the end it's Mccain carries the same states as Bush did 4 years ago. The people on the fence simply won't vote for a guy who talked down on people who are religious and believe in the right to bear arms.