View Full Version : Obama Accepts the Nomination

Matt Molnar
2008-08-28, 11:43 PM
Excellent speech by Obama, but everything else about this event was awful, from the Super Bowl atmosphere to the opening speakers.

The football stadium leads to two very serious problems...one, 80,000 people swooning for your every word evokes memories of the worst dictators of recent history...Hitler, Mussolini, take your pick. Sorry, but it has to be said. Now I don't think Obama is an evil guy, and I will likely vote for him, but I just want to point out that dire conditions in Germany made people crazy for a certain guy who promised a completely new way of doing things. My concern is people feel similarly about Obama...he's about as different from Bush as you can get, and many people, rightfully or not, feel disenfranchised enough to embrace Obama just because he is so different, not necessarily because he is offering any actual good changes.

Next, you make yourself look like a narcissistic rock star, not someone who is trying to prove himself to the country as "one of us."

Also, what was up with those weird people they had talking up there? It's like they drove a church bus down to the Greyhound station and picked up some random folk to give speeches about how Bush ruined their lives. Listen, I felt bad hearing their stories, I understand a lot of people have a hard time, but I didn't understand how Bush could personally be blamed for any of their circumstances. It was a was a completely pointless segment.

I'm glad Obama finally started talking about what he WOULD do as opposed to the mindless "HE WON'T BE LIKE BUSH" that the dems kept repeating over and over and over.