View Full Version : ORD on North York Road in Benzenville, IL 01-Aug-2008

2008-08-04, 11:34 PM
Wouldn't you know my first encounter with law enforcement would be when I'm doing some spotting as a traveler.

I got a late start (6:45pm) and was really just pre-scouting places before doing my day of spotting on Saturday. I drove down Irving Park Road and saw noted that that is a good spot to check out 4R/22L action. Kept driving and turned right on North York Road. I discovered that North York Road is right on the glidepath for 10 and 9 arrivals.

I pulled over to the shoulder and watched the 9 arrivals for a bit (10-15 minutes). I would have tried to shoot some of the arrivals but they were all RJs which didn't really interest me. So after watching for a bit, I continued to drive north as I knew that farther north, I could catch some of the departing traffic which at this time included quite a few AA/UA heavies as well as int'l traffic. I eventually pulled over again at a spot where it was perfect for shooting.

Pulled over quite a bit as to not obstruct traffic. Took a few moments to put together my camera + extender + 70-200mm. Got out of the car and got ready for the next departure. As I got ready to shoot, a guy driving south yelled "Hey" at me. I turned around and looked at him and thought "nosy body probably gonna call the cops on me". Got some crappy shots (due to operator error) of an AA 767 taking off.

As I checked the screen, something told me to turn and look behind my car. And there was a Bensenville, IL police officer in his Crown Vic sitting there. I mouthed "Oh" and he nodded his head. I put my camera back in the passenger seat through the open window and started back to the driver's seat. I wasn't quite sure if he wanted me to approach him so I hesitated but then figured probably not, he just wants me to leave. Got in my car and almost missed an oncoming car because his car was obstructing the view. Saw the oncoming car, then saw in the mirror he waved me on after the coast was clear.

He followed me north until we got to the DuPage/Cook County line where the town becomes Des Plaines and then turned off. At which point, I drove around the north and east sides of the airport to scout some more. Did not attempt to shoot again as it quickly turned dark. Picked up some Giordano's and called it a day.

Couple of thoughts - guy who helled "Hey" was probably trying to tell me that there was a cop there. He was probably back there observing me and probably ran my plates. From that he found out that my car was registered to Hertz and figured I was some out of town rookie. It's possible that the first time I stopped someone called the cops on me. Nevertheless, it would appear that response is rapid and swift on the ORD perimeter roads.

All in all not bad for a law enforcement encounter.

2008-08-06, 04:43 AM
Glad to hear thats as far as it went with the cops. I'd love to go back to see hwo shooting there is now woth the spots.


2008-09-20, 10:43 PM
ORD isn't known for being spotter friendly. I visit there fairly often and have only spotted off airport twice - I haven't had a problem in any of the spots before but I didn't stay too long and I made a point to stay off the main roads that surround the perimeter.