View Full Version : New Forum Rule: Retaliation and Engaging

2008-07-19, 09:46 AM
Hello Everyone,

There has been a revision to Forum Rules. The below section was added. Please read it and ask questions if you have them.

Retaliation and Engaging. If you read a harshly worded comment about a company that you happen to work for, do not interpret it as a personal attack. If you, as an employee, have some information that might constructively add to the conversation, please share it, but otherwise please do not respond angrily to the poster just because you feel obligated to defend your company. Similarly, responding angrily to any post, whether it violates a rule or not, is subject to moderator action, as it adds to unnecessary conflict. Such posts should be reported instead of responded to. (Revision 7/19/08)

Thank you.

-Phil Derner, Jr.