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2008-07-16, 12:31 PM
Just curious if anyone else is experiencing a bit of server lag, both when reading and posting. Many times when I click a forum or a topic, my browser hangs and I have to stop and click again in order for it to work. Same happens when attempting to post a topic, and sometimes I get duplicates. This happens from multiple computers, PC & Mac, all in different places (NYC, NJ, LI), so I think that it's not me, but I could be wrong.

2008-07-16, 01:33 PM
I can adjust connection speeds for individuals that I don't like. ie: YOU :wink:

But seriously, let me know if anyone else is experiencing this.

How long have you noticed this happening for?

2008-07-16, 02:01 PM
Haha now that explains it all Phil!

This has been happening for me for a while now, probably a good month or so, perhaps more. It's hard to remember back to a specific time when it wasn't happening. I'm definitely curious to see if anyone else has experienced the same.

2008-07-16, 02:04 PM
I don't have the problem Andy is having - I'm getting decent speeds both from home on my DSL and work on my T-1. Could it be a change by your ISP? Try something Andy - in a command prompt (on Windows), do a "tracert www.nycaviation.com (http://www.nycaviation.com)" - post the results here - and we can maybe see where the lag is happening.


2008-07-16, 02:10 PM
I occasionally had a problem with pages hanging up when loading - usually hitting the refresh button (or clicking on the link again) resolved it, but I haven't seen that since the move to the new server.

2008-07-16, 02:45 PM
Tracert is a good idea Mark. Here are the results from my work laptop in our New York City office, I've cut the names & IP's of our office servers for security reasons...

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

D:\Documents and Settings\alomasky>tracert www.nycaviation.com (http://www.nycaviation.com)

Tracing route to www.nycaviation.com (http://www.nycaviation.com) []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 7 ms <1 ms <1 ms Internal KPMG NY Server
2 20 ms <1 ms <1 ms Internal KPMG NY Server
3 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms Internal KPMG US Server
4 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms 10.XX.XX.1
5 2 ms 2 ms 4 ms 10.XX.XX.80
6 * * * Request timed out.
7 * * * Request timed out.
8 ^C

From what it looks like, there is a lag in our internal servers. Is that what it appears to be on your end Mark?

The strange thing is I know I've had the lag on my home computer when posting, but I will try again tonight...

2008-07-16, 03:07 PM

Here is what I see from home - working from home today.... (BellSouth DSL). There is one slow link - 237ms - I think that is the cross country link - there were MIA servers before - and then LAX servers - but the rest is pretty good.

Tracing route to www.nycaviation.com (http://www.nycaviation.com) []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms launchmodem []
2 10 ms 10 ms 10 ms adsl-233-88-1.mia.bellsouth.net []
3 13 ms 13 ms 13 ms
4 13 ms 13 ms 13 ms
5 12 ms 12 ms 11 ms axr00bct-ge-1-1-8.bellsouth.net []
6 40 ms 12 ms 12 ms axr01mia-so-1-1-0.bellsouth.net []
7 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms
8 111 ms 237 ms 207 ms
9 72 ms 72 ms 73 ms INTERNAP.te1-4.ar4.LAX1.gblx.net []
10 72 ms 73 ms 73 ms border20.po2-bbnet2.lax.pnap.net []
11 73 ms 72 ms 72 ms newdream-8.border20.lax.pnap.net []
12 86 ms 79 ms 104 ms ip-66-33-201-70.dreamhost.com []
13 75 ms 76 ms 86 ms apache2-moon.agnus.dreamhost.com []

I definately think there is a lag in the office somewhere - it might be a proxy server of some kind. Check when you get home and see what you get.

2008-07-16, 04:31 PM
The speeds have been pretty fast for me

2008-07-16, 07:37 PM
I've noticed that every once in a while, I'll click the "Mark forums read" thing on the front page and it just hangs there; usually if I hit "reload" it works right away. It's not all the time (sometimes it'll be the last link I click, after opening some of the forums in new tabs, and the forums still haven't started loading but that's done) but only every once in a while.

2008-07-17, 09:41 PM
Well I have been browsing the sight now for a while from my home computer and there is no lag whatsoever, so it must be my memory then. I'm guessing it has to do with my firm's internal network, so I guess I just need to deal with it.

Mark - FYI here is my tracert from home:

tracert www.nycaviation.com (http://www.nycaviation.com)

Tracing route to www.nycaviation.com (http://www.nycaviation.com) []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 49 ms 49 ms 52 ms 10.10.64.XX
2 589 ms 51 ms 64 ms dstswr2-vl2.rh.hcvlny.cv.net []

But when I am browsing the forums and posting from here, it seems fine despite a somewhat high lag time...

stuart schechter
2008-07-17, 10:52 PM
Andy, it is also based on the amount of hops you have. In the case of your house, it goes straight out. At your office, there are probably spam filters, multiple routers, firewalls, etc. All of those things just slow the network down.