View Full Version : NY JFK MOV: 5-13-08, with some requests

2008-05-17, 04:35 PM
While waiting for my flight back to Amsterdam(KL 642), i've spotted these aircraft.
Again, there are some missing..

Korean HL7472 747-400
Aeromexico XA-JOY 737-800
Etihad A6-EHB A340-500
Lufthansa D-ABTB 747-400
Air France F-GZCB A330-200
JAL JA8918 747-400
Comair N676CA CRJ-900
Delta N192DN 767-300
Delta N705TW 757-200
Delta N3734B 737-800
Mexicana N750MX A319
North American Airlines N754NA 757-200
CSA OK-YAC A310-300
Eurofly I-EEZA A330-200
Delta N702DN 777-200LR
South African HZ-SXB A340-300
Aer Lingus EI-DAA A330-200
Air India VT-ALE 777-200LR
Jet Blue N519JB A320
El Al 4X-ELD 747-400
Swiss HB-IQG A330-200
Air India VT-ALL 777-300ER
Royal Jordanian JY-AIB A340-200
Delta N640DL 757-200
LTU D-AERK A330-300
Swiss HB-IQH A330-200
Virgin Atlantic G-VWKD A340-600
Northwest N677MC DC-9-51
Virgin Atlantic G-VBIG 747-400
Jet Blue N623JB A320
Air india VT-ALB 777-200LR
Swiss HB-IQC A330-200
El Al 4X-ELB 747-400
Northwest N315US A320
Air Jamaica 6Y-JMF A320
Jet Blue N586JB A320
Jet Blue N178JB Embrear 190
Jet Blue N504JB A320
Jet Blue N239JB Embrear 190
TAM PT-MVG A330-200
Virgin America N621VA A320
Delta N390DA 737-800
Jet Blue N184JB Embrear 190
Jet Blue N505JB A320
CommutAir N375PH Dash 8
Comair N554CA CRJ-900
Delta N3745B 737-800
Israir 4X-ABE A330-200
United N508UA 757-200
Delta N1609 767-300ER
Delta N702DN 777-200LR
Delta N183DN 767-300ER
LAN CC-CWN 767-300ER
Delta N1610D 767-300ER
Delta N194DN 767-300ER
Delta N177DN 767-300ER
Austrian OE-LAY 767-300ER
Lufthansa D-AIHS A340-600
Jet Blue N603JB A320
British Airways G-CIVH 747-400
Jet Blue N627JB A320
Virgin Atlantic G-VHOL A340-300
Kuwait 9K-ANB A340-300
Aeroflot VP-BWQ 767-300ER
Delta N829MJ
Jet Blue N249JB Embrear 190
Finnair OH-LGB MD-11
Iberia EC-IZX A340-600

2008-05-18, 08:28 PM
VX 313= N621VA
KU 101= 9K-ANB
SU 315= VP-BWQ

Nice amount you got that day...

2008-05-27, 04:37 PM
Nice amount you got that day...
Thanks again for your help Greg.
I certainly got a high amount of planes. I went to the airport with the Go Airlink Shuttlebus, so i've been to terminal 1,2/3 and 4.

If you're visiting Amsterdam, let me know when you are missing aircraft registration's. :borat: