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Jordan Howell
2008-05-16, 01:08 AM
Around three weeks ago I took a two day trip on business to Lake Charles, LA. This was also my first experience flying on Continental Airlines, if I fly for work related matters I don't get to dictate who I fly on. I enjoyed the flights and found Continental (and Expressjet) to be pleasant enough, with the good service and the fact that I didn't pay for the flight I had no reason to complain.

April 21, 2008

Continental 1487
Orlando to Houston-Bush
Leave: 12:10 PM
Arrive: 1:23 PM

I arrived at Orlando International at 9:45 AM, I know the hell that security can be with all the vacationers that Orlando gets. Today was no exception, it took around thirty minutes to get through security at Terminal A. Once I got through security I went and sat down close to my departure gate and got a little work done before the flight. Boarding went very smoothly and I was in seat 11D on this Boeing 757-200. Remarkably everyone got themselves situated and we were able to leave the gate a few minutes early. The air was a little bumpy on climb out, but smoothed out a little later. The flight attendants came around twice with drinks and some snacks, but other than that I was able to sleep for most of the two hour flight to Houston. The only thing I didn't like were the seats, they felt very hard compared to others I've sat in. We arrived a few minutes early and parked at Concourse C, I don't recall which gate. I had a little while until my next flight so I went and grabbed something to eat and then found a nice place to sit and relax.

Continental/ExpressJet 2861
Houston to Lake Charles
Leave: 4:28 PM
Arrive: 4:57 PM

I headed to Concourse B for my next and very short flight to Lake Charles. There were not many people on the flight this afternoon so we all boarded the ERJ at once and I took my seat at 5A and we were pretty much ready to go. Flight time was right at 30 minutes, not too much time for service. The flight attendant did come around with water, which was nice. Lake Charles is a very small airport, so I was out of there and on the way to my hotel in no time.

April 23, 2008

Continental/ExpressJet 2015
Lake Charles to Houston
Leave: 6:24 AM
Arrive: 6:55 AM

Security at Lake Charles was amazingly easy/smooth, especially at this time of the morning. I was literally through security and sat down at gate three in in under four minutes. Again it was a small load on the flight this morning to Houston and we were all boarded together. Again I sat in seat 5A and we were ready to leave in just a few short minutes. It was basically the same service as the flight down, the flight attendant was nice and came around with water on this very short flight. We arrived Houston right on time and parked at the B gates.

Continental 1873
Houston to Orlando
Leave: 9:03 AM
Arrive: 11:57 AM

I headed over to Concourse C and got some breakfast before taking a seat and waiting for boarding to begin. This was a full flight to Orlando, but once again Continental boarded us all quickly and efficiently. I was in seat 8D on this flight, a few people with children took a little longer to get themselves situated. We departed on time and I was soon on my way back to Orlando and then home. Although the the cabin of this 737-300 was clean it had obviously seen better days, noting the seat back pockets and some overhead bins that just didn't want to stay closed at times. It was just under two hours down to Orlando and the flight attendants came around with drinks and snacks a little while after departure and then came around with water and coffee as we got closer to Orlando. We had a nice arrival and felt like a quick taxi over to our arrival gate where it took a few moments to deplane. After getting out of the airport I took to the shuttle to the long term parking and was on my way home.

I have to say I enjoyed my flight with Continental Airlines and would certainly look at flying with them again in the future. Stay tuned, I have a work trip to Fayetteville, AR in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I am flying there on the Red Tail, I will miss Continental.

2008-05-16, 02:25 PM
What city in Florida do you live in? I'm right near Daytona Beach.

Jordan Howell
2008-05-17, 12:27 PM
What city in Florida do you live in? I'm right near Daytona Beach.

Oh, I live in Ponce Inlet, FL. So I live pretty close to you.

2008-05-17, 10:50 PM
Good report. I find flying into smaller airports to be rather fun. By far the smallest airport I've flown into was Valdosta, G.A...one gate, tiny snack bar, and the boarding area didn't open until the plane was ready to board. I thought it was funny when I picked up my rental car they had it waiting right at the curb infront of the terminal, you'd never see that anywhere else.

Shreveport and Mobile are interesting airports to fly in and out of as well.