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Alex T
2008-05-14, 08:00 PM
Hello! I flew out to PSC, Pasco Washington to visit a couple of friends of mine for the weekend. I non revved out on Southwest and United Express. I have non revved many times before but didn’t feel it was necessary to make a trip report. However a lot of people asked me to write one for them so here it is!

Southwest Airlines
Flight 3273
Boeing 737-300

I got to the airport to park my car. The shuttle came right up as I was coming out of the car, so perfect timing! I told the driver I wanted East Terminal, Southwest Airlines. I was the only one on the shuttle. Got off at the east Terminal and headed to check in to pick up the tickets. Went through security.

May 10th was the starting date for many of WN’s new flights into DEN, STL was one of them. I was SB on the 2nd non stop to Denver, pretty wide open, had 67 open at the time of check in. I was pretty safe to go.

20 min before departure they announced to start boarding the flight. I got on the plane and went to my seat I liked, window seat behind the wing.


We taxied out to the runway and took off.

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We continued to climb and headed to our flight level passing the STL Airport on the way.



Once we hit level flight, the flight attendants came around to take drink orders and passed the “meal” around.


One of the deadheading F/A came over to talk to me cause he knew I worked for Southwest previously and wanted to discuss some SWA business stuff that was going on in the industry. Very nice guy, we traded numbers and e-mails to keep in touch. Pretty soon we were descending for DEN!

Shot of the inside cabin that everyone has seen before…


Getting ready to descend into DEN

Oh we also flew over one of the old runways from the old DEN Airport.

Flaps coming out!

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Took some pics taxing around DEN till we got to the gate.



We got out of the plane at the gate. I hung around with the other flight attendants chatting to them until they had to catch a seattle flight. I had a very long layover, over 3 hours in Denver so I wasted an hour with them. Since I was non revving I had to check in and then wait till one hour before departure for my name to be cleared.

I walked down to the train at C concourse, and then took the Train to the B concourse where United and United Express flew out of. I checked in at the self check in machine then had to see an agent to get myself on the list and just waited in hopes of them calling my name. I sat near the gate and they had free wireless so I got online and chatted with my friends while waiting for my name to be called. Soon my name appeared on the screen and they called me up for my boarding pass to be issued. I got economy plus which was nice.

United Express/Skywest

I boarded in Group 2 and texted my friend in PSC that I was officially on my way and would text him once I landed so he could come pick me up. Sat on board and it was rather light, and we ended up being 30 min late pushing back. We left and taxied behind a couple of UA planes and an AA MD80. Finally it was time for take off, my first CRJ flight!

Right after take off

We hit cruising altitude and settled back for the 2 hour flight. The flight attendants passed around pretzels and drinks for us to enjoy. Here is the seating pitch on board.


We flew over so many gorgeous mountains and snow and such here are a couple.




I dozed off sleeping cause I was so tired. Had been up since 7am and traveling all day and wouldn’t land until 10pm my time. I woke up to the F/A announcing we were coming into land. I woke up and watched the scenery of us coming in for landing. Pasco looked gorgeous from the air. Soon we came in for landing and slowed down and taxied to the gate, well, one of the gates at PSC hehe.

I texted my friend to let him know I had landed and would be out in literally a few minutes. I walked out of the plane enjoying the ramp access we had yet, briefly. I grabbed my bag and walked across the ramp and walked inside and out of security in time to see my friends outside waiting for me!


2008-05-14, 08:12 PM
So what did you do in PSC beside hiking Alex?