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2008-05-09, 01:23 PM
Hey guys!

I just purchased a roundtrip ticket to Marseille from New York, via Amsterdam with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. As it will be my first trip to Europe, I wanted my flights to be on an A346 or B744. I checked Delta to Nice, which is on a B763; it was pricey. I also checked Lufthansa on the B744 and A346, but it came to nearly $2000! Finally, I decided to checked NWA/KLM. Fortunately I found the cheapest roundtrip fare for $1253. My flights would be the B777 or B747. I have no problem flying a T7, but as they are newer, I have more time to fly one over the Jumbo 747.

My itinerary is as follows:

11 July 2008
Depart NEW YORK - JFK at 5:40pm
12 July 2008
Arrive AMSTERDAM - AMS at 7:15am
Equip: B747

30 July 2008
Depart AMSTERDAM - AMS at 6:20pm
Arrive NEW YORK - JFK at 8:05pm
Equip: B74M

I have seat 44A going (to get photos of the flaps and wing), and seat 22K returning (to get a view of the engines). I am pretty sure the outbound 747 is a full passenger layout while the inbound 747 is in the mixed configuration.

So has anyone flown the 747 with KLM? I am wondering how the comfort of the aircraft and seats are, how the meal service is, and just an overall opinion of the airline. I read a few reviews online and many rate the plane as "old" and the seats as "uncomfortable." Your help is appreciated!


Iberia A340-600
2008-05-10, 12:49 AM
I've flown KLM641 before on the 747-400, PH-BFL. I actually sat in 45A and the view is certainly a nice one, great view of the wing.

I personally found the seats on the 747-400 comfortable and the legroom decent. The service on KLM is one of the best that I've experienced and the food is pretty good as well. The IFE on the 747-400 is nothing compared to their 777-200 but the overhead monitor was easy to see from row 45A.


2008-05-11, 08:59 AM
sounds like a good run to me...while in france dont forget to try out the TGV.
Let me know if you need a good hotel deal. :!: :wink:

2008-05-11, 10:33 AM
I won't need a hotel; my cousins live in the south of France. I'll be staying with them. However, the day after I get there, we're taking a train up to Paris and spending four nights there. My aunt booked us an apartment, so I guess it's all taken care of lol. The train we're taking, not sure if it's TGV

stuart schechter
2008-05-11, 11:13 PM
If your traveling in France, its most likely the SNCF commuter rail.

2008-05-12, 08:06 AM
If your traveling in France, its most likely the SNCF commuter rail.From the south of France (Marseille) to Paris by commuter train? That's gonna be a very long trip. I will bet you that the train will be a TGV.

Matt Molnar
2008-05-12, 10:38 AM
Not a commuter train, but SNCF does operate all the long-distance trains in France, including the TGV. I just looked it up and it looks like the only service between Marseille and Paris is via TGV. :borat:

2008-05-14, 11:39 PM
Nice! I'll definitely take lots of photos. And if I'm able to get a wireless connection there on my MacBook, I will post them while still in Europe! =)

2008-05-15, 07:16 PM
I realized since I will be departing in the evening, as the aircraft flies northeast, the sun will be on the left side of the aircraft.

I am trying to change my seat to 43-K; I called the airline, and apparently NWA charges a $15 fee for this! Has anyone had this occurrence??

EDIT: I decided to shoot NWA an email, and they gladly changed my seat assignment free of charge =)

2008-05-18, 11:43 PM
I'm 18 years old.. anyone know if KLM will serve me beer? =/

2008-06-02, 05:00 AM
Well according to the Dutch law, yes.
It's allowed if you are 16 or older.

2008-06-02, 09:59 AM
Enjoy the beer! Enjoy the flights and defe. see if you can enjoy a TGV ride. SHould be possible. Even we caught a TGV way back in....1996 when visiting family in the smaller town of Angers.

Nothing like hitting 180mph and watching those villages whisk by.

2008-06-18, 03:14 AM
KLM is great. I flew with them January AMS-DXB and back on the 777-200ER. The FAs were very friendly (even "friendly" by European standards) and attentive, the food was excellent, and there was a great iFE selection (although not applicable for you 747 flights). Between Air France and KLM, it's a toss-up which airline has the best Y service (in my opinion).

I'm afraid I can't comment too much more on the service--both of my flights were red-eyes and since the flights were 1/4 full (if that) I was able to sleep the entire time.

By the way, since you'll be in the southern part of France, have you considered making a stop in Toulouse to visit Airbus? The tour is excellent and there are some great spotting points around the airport (no photos allowed during the tour, though).

2008-06-29, 03:26 PM
Everyone, thank you for the replies!! I have 12 days until departure and I am excited! =)

I will definitely take advantage of the Heineken lol