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2008-04-27, 12:08 PM
NWA 432
757-300 N582NW
Seat 35F

Sched. Departure: 7:00 AM
Actual Departure: 6:55 AM
Departure Gate: A64

Sched. Arrival: 9:30 AM
Actual Arrival: 9:46 AM
Arrival gate: 36

Ahh, my trip to MCO finally! A break from the life of a Michigander! Due to our early departure time, we decided to get a room at the Westin the night before. VERY cool hotel! Our room had a great view! Here is the view out of our room:


For dinner that night we went through security to Max and Ermaís inside the terminal, then I walked over and watched an LH A340 get ready to leave. Finally, I headed up to our room to get some rest.

Up at 4:30, I took a shower, got ready, and we left (Now at around 6:00 AM). A simple walk through security and a stop at McDonalds then we were at our gate. The flight was overbooked, but unfortunately the flights they could get all 4 of us on did not fit in with our schedule. So on we went to the Boeing 757-300. This particular craft was built recently, in 2002, and fixed with PW2040 engines. If there is one thing I can say about the 757-300, it is REALLY long! (holds 224 seats in a 24/200 layout). We boarded on 2 L (behind the First Class cabin), and there were 3 Coach Class cabins. We were near the end of the 2nd, in row 35F. When I boarded I chatted with one of the Flight attendants about the NW/DL merger, she said they are all upset about it. I went and found my seat, got settled in and watched the ground crew do the final preparations for our flight. You could tell that the aircraft was here overnight, dew buildup on the wings, etc. The plane was nice and warm at least, and everything clean. Believe it or not, we were one of 3 757-300ís parked side by side, I have never seen that before!.

The pilot got on and introduced himself and the rest of the crew and welcomed us aboard. He also gave us the current weather in Orlando, which, at 7:00 AM was a comfortable 68 degrees and sunny. We pushed back and made our way to runway 22L with no one in front of us. Man, these things are just like the 752ís, pocket rockets! We shot off the runway and climbed along the MAARS departure. We finally make our way to FL350 and service commenced. I had a can of Mt. Dew. It was nice to be served with a smile this early. The rest of the flight was fairly routine and I edited some photos and slept the rest of the way.

We started our decent into MCO 40 minutes outside, after switching to Jacksonville Center just south of Augusta, Georgia. We made a normal approach into runway 18R, unfortunately the flying pilot made a fairly bad landing, bounced once than slammed it. After taxing to our gate I asked if I could go up and take a photo of the cockpit, they said sure so I made my way up where the Captain was and took a few photos and he took one of me in the left seat. The 757-300 cockpit is actually quite roomy! Lots of space up there.

Overall a great flight, thanks again NWA!

2008-04-27, 12:51 PM
Nice report! Love that shot of all the 9s.

2008-04-27, 10:50 PM
Nice TR. The 757-300 is one of the few commercial airliners I have yet to fly on, I call it the modern day stretch DC-8.

And the view from the Westin looks great. Although it has many immetators, their "Heavenly Bed" is still my favorite hotel bed, I'll bet you slept great !

One small correction, Jackson Center is actually Jacksonville Center.

Have a great time in Orlando.



stuart schechter
2008-04-28, 08:52 PM
Yep, JAX CTR, Jackson Center is owned by a creepy black/white dude who controls the little boys and girls who fly over neverland ranch...

Good TR buddy! I like the Westin shot and hope you have a good time down there!

2008-04-28, 10:41 PM
Yeah guys, made a small typo. Jackson is actually a city in Michigan..

2008-04-28, 10:44 PM
Wow...Andy is going to lose it when he sees that shot of the DC-9s...

Nice report, too...

stuart schechter
2008-04-29, 08:44 AM
If Andy is gonna lose it from that, he should just go up there and have a look for himself!

2008-04-29, 11:01 PM
Haha, there are a ton more DC-9's there normally.

The other side of the backside of the terminal terminal (opposite of my room) is where most the '9s are, normally about 20+ parked over there.

2008-04-30, 09:10 PM
Great trip report. Also, very cool photo! :D