View Full Version : TRIP REPORT: AA 268 24 April SEA-JFK

Art at ISP
2008-04-25, 06:39 PM
With business done, and a good dinner in my belly, I got almost a good night's sleep, and was awakened by the automated wakeup call at 5:45. Out the door and filled the gas tank on the rental (price went up 11 cents in 2 days in SEA), dropped the car at Avis, and went to the kiosk to pick up my boarding pass. I had actually checked in using my phone and the mobile web site, and it worked seamlessly.

On to the security line, of which the premium lane appeared to be much shorter than the main line..and no sooner do I get in line and the line Nazi shows up, checking EVERYONE's boarding pass, and exerting her authority in a most unpleasant manner. I will say she was private security, not TSA, but she wound up getting into verbal fisticuffs with another airport employee, because the other lady didn't move a wheelchair she was pushing fast enough. Time for these people to get a grip.

Finally, I am number two at the TSA ID checkpoint. The very large gentleman in the wheelchair ahead of me, using the premium lane, doesn't have his ID available--it took 2 minutes for him to get out his wallet, and 2 more to put it back once the TSA lady checked ID.
The line moved up until just ahead of us--when it appeared an entire group of lottery winners (SSSS) were all right in front of me....and not one was what you would call an experienced traveler. So this added another 10 minutes to the wait, then the Xray operator was telling people loudly to put the rollaboards wheels up only--he was actually being helpful, as he explained that the wheels can get stuck on the rollers.

Once through security, I went to the gate, and it was crowded! The JFK nonstop appears to be somewhat popular for AA, even though B6 and DL operate nonstops too--but B6 is only a redeye.

An orderly boarding process (using the #2 door on the 757), and I find my seat. We are greeted almost immediately by the two FA's, who take coats, greet everyone, and hand out water bottles all at the same time. Then, after handing out the water, one of the FA's came around and took drink orders....this was a well coordinated team...and the professionalism and excellent service continued throughout the rest of the flight.

Once airborne, beverages, hot towels, and a leisurely breakfast service. The choice was an omelette or cereal, and of course I had the omelette. Caught a little nap, and chose not to watch the movie...

After my lav visit, I started chatting with the FA's mentioned above, and we talked about the business, grouchy customers, and things in general. I told them about FFOCUS, and they each were very warm and pleasant to talk to. One of them actually lives not far from me...small world...

We finally began the arrival into JFK, and had a great view of NYC just under the left side. We went pretty far out into the ocean before turning back in and landing on 31R at JFK-which yielded a relatively short taxi time to the gate, 20 minutes ahead of schedule! Unfortunately, we had a flashback to US in PHL, as there was no agent to move the jetway...one showed up in about 5 minutes, and I was on my way home.

Overall, a very pleasant experience with AA, and although not glitch free, well handled...