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2008-04-07, 11:38 PM
Sorry i kept this off for a bit, but i had a lot of school work that had to be done. I originally planed to post this yesterday, but my history essay thought otherwise. Anyway, enjoy part one JFK-MEX-EZE. There is also the flight to Montevideo and the return via Miami, and city guides to come.

PLEASE NOTE: during our flights, we did NOT check bags. If you are flying with checked bags, your times/ experiences my very

JFK- (you should know this)
MEX- Mexico City
EZE- Buenos Aires international airport
AEP- Buenos Aires city airport- regional service
MVD- Montevideo airport (Uruguay)
MIA- Miami international airport

Mexicana 1
http://flightaware.com/live/flight/MXA1 ... /KJFK/MMMX (http://flightaware.com/live/flight/MXA1/history/20080320/0701Z/KJFK/MMMX)

We got to the airport a little before midnight. I remember how 1 year ago, I was on the same air Tran watching the A380 parked at terminal one. We arrived to a very empty terminal. Check in was quick, as there were no people in line ahead of us. I got the seats I reserved online a few months ago, as well as a window on the MEZ-EZE flight. We walked downstairs, viewed some duty free shops and news stands, and proceeded to security check in. There were not many people at this time, so everything went quickly and smoothly. We had some time before our flight, so my dad and I decided to take a walk around the terminal.
Our plane pulling in:

Our plane was delayed a bit, but soon boarding started, and we walked onto the 319.
we had row 8, so in the front, the second row after first class. We pushed back around 3:00 and taxied to runway 22R. There was the Grammy Delta NC 757 at the gate, but I didn’t bother taking a picture. Although it was dark, I did take a few shots.
We took off, and soon entered the cloud. It was interesting, because rain was falling, and the light from the plane laminated it…
I tried to take a picture, but, it really doesn’t show it well.
Soon, we broke through the clouds and it was like something out of a dream, or a Finnair commercial. It was a great night sky and a blanket of clouds under. Again, I took a picture, but it does not do justice to the beauty of the sight.
Over New Orleans, I believe

Our flight was pretty uneventful. I dozed of here and there, and so we were served a light breakfast and started our decent into Mexico city. It was also a cool effect to see the mountains breaking the layer of clouds.
Landing shots:
Landing was smooth, and I saw a few Mexican, and South American aircraft we don’t see in NY.
We left the gate, to a rather nice and modern airport. I saw a Mexicana 767 tail, and knew that had to be our flight. Sure enough, we walked to gate. However, they told us we still had to go through customs. We went through a long maze of tunnels, passages, walkways, etc., only to end up leaving the passenger area of the airport.
We had time, so we went outside for some fresh air, and my parents had coffee in a café. I took a Nestea Iced tea, which was Really Sweet! Anyway, we went through security again. Fortunately, we didn’t not have luggage to check. We still had some time, so I tried to lay down, or look out the window. The windows have a metal bars on them, which gives the terminal a modern look, but is a pain to look through.

Mexicana 1694

Soon boarding of our 767 to EZE started. I walked onboard and was amazed. It was a very nice cabin. Also, very few people were flying. We had row 18, wich was also a bulkhead for the center, in witch 2 rows are removed, in order for a “wall” to store some kind of trays. This gave my dad some nice legroom, and since there was no one sitting next to him, me too for most of the flight. In fact, thoguht the flight, in various times, we occupied a total of 14 different seats!, but more on that later. The seats were confterable, and each came with its own bottle of water, and amenities kit. We pushed back right onto the taxiway and headed for the active. The airport is so close to the city, I could see people standing on the overpass walkway looking at the planes.



It was a nice takeoff, took us over Mexico City, and soon, we passed some very cool mountains. A little after the seatbelt sight was switched off, I decided to leave my window seat, and set next to my dad, with a lot of extra space; I also walked around the cabin, and took some photos.
In the restroom, I noticed some of the signs were bilingual, in English, and Arabic!
Upon returning home, I did a census check and found out the plane had a colorful history, starting with Gulf Air.

Meal service was great! The choice was between Pasta and tacos, and flying on Mexicana over Mexico, I had to select the tacos. The meal was very good.
Now, you might not believe this in this day and age, but, they actually gave us real metal sliver wear!! That’s right; economy passengers ate their meal with real silver wear, not pain in that ass plastic forks and knives.
The row behind us was also free, so I lay down for a bit and took a quick nap. Latter, my dad and I chose a unoccupied row in the left rear of the plane, not to wake my mom, and look at some of the scenery, coastlines, rivers, and cities of south America.
IM not sure exactly where this is, but I believe its either Ecuador or Peru.


Our first on board movie was “Bee Movie”. Having nothing better to do, and my PSP playing the films incorrectly, I took my first row seat and watched the movie. Our second move was “Alvin and the chipmunks” I was kind of in and out, mostly shuffling between windows. Some more ground shots:

The rest of the flight was rather uneventful. The sun set, and we flew at night for a bit, which was pretty nice. I think the FAs sprayed our plane with insecticides before landings.

…and after a long flight, we started our descent in BA.
After arriving at our gate, I was able to talk a bit with the captain, and see the cockpit of the 767. Sadly, I switched off auto focus.
WE left the plane, passed Immigration, luggage reclaim, and entered into the terminal, took a taxi through the city to our hotel. It was very warm, and we drove through the city at night. We dropped our stuff of in the hotel, and went of a quick walk.

flyboy 28
2008-04-08, 07:33 AM
Very nice Mat. Lots of nice photos. :)

2008-04-08, 10:56 AM
When you fly one of the Mexican airlines FROM Mexico, do you need to worry about the meals if they use Mexican water?

Good report btw.

2008-04-10, 05:44 PM
Whoa, ive never seen T4 that empty! Awesome shots

Midnight Mike
2008-04-10, 05:54 PM
Good photos!

This photo caught my attention, I guess it answers the question as to what happens when you mix a Jew with a Mexican