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Matt Molnar
2008-04-02, 05:28 PM
Stadium Visitor Told To Hit Delete Button

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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Like a number of people without a ticket to the Nationals' game Sunday, Mark Butler stood outside the left field gate and watched some of the historic event from a distance. The Minnesota man carried a digital camera to capture the memories. For a member of the Uniformed Division of United States Secret Service, Butler captured too much.

9NEWS NOW photographer Greg Guise was rolling when an officer approached Mark Butler. Butler said the officer demanded he delete any pictures that showed the security checkpoints set up to screen fans for the visit by President George Bush. [Full Article (http://www.wusa9.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=70207)]

2008-04-03, 07:08 PM
I don't see much wrong with this. If your not allowed to take pics of a TSA checkpoint, why should you be able to take pictures of a presidential screening checkpoint?

2008-05-17, 03:13 PM
Why was he even taking pictures? I've been through the Presidential checkpoints before, and it's really nothing picture-worthy. All they do is check your camera and electronics to make sure they're legit and have you walk through a metal detector.

2008-05-17, 03:28 PM
It isn't really the checkpoints themselves but the screens of the equipment and certain personnel working the event that causes concern. At these events secret service, local plain cloths and even Federal Air Marshals are used. These personnel are involved in other operations that if their face is published and recognized could cause them harm.