View Full Version : Bermuda in the Making!

2008-03-30, 11:52 AM
My family has agreed that we will go to Bermuda this summer. We will probably stay at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort with an all inclusive package. That is, except for airfare. We will be booking tickets soon. I have spoken to my parents about these flights on US Airways (first time in ten years):

US Airways 3862
Departs: Daytona Beach at 7:53 AM
Arrives: Charlotte at 9:20 AM

US Airways 1062
Departs: Charlotte at 11:25 AM
Arrives: Bermuda at 3:02 PM

US Airways 1049
Departs: Bermuda at 1:05 PM
Arrives: Charlotte at 2:50 PM

US Airways 3875
Departs: Charlotte at 7:55 PM
Arrives: Daytona Beach at 9:26 PM

Anyone know the time difference between the US East Coast and BDA? I think it is one hour but I am not sure.

Will post official info when confirmed.

Matt Molnar
2008-03-30, 12:10 PM
Bermuda is one hour ahead, beautiful place.

2008-03-30, 01:25 PM
So I hear. I found a package with US for Air and Hotel, and we will continue to keep track of stuff and book soon.