View Full Version : Trip Report: DTW-IAD March, 21st, 2008

03-21-2008, 09:38 PM
NWA 1406
DC-9-50 N671MC
Seat 23A
Seat 24A

Sched. Departure: 13:56 PM
Actual Departure: 14:36 PM
Departure Gate: A53
Sched. Arrival: 15:27 PM
Actual Arrival: 16:05 PM
Arrival gate: B23

Nick Greed and I were dropped off at the McNamara at around 9 so we had plenty of time to roam around, we walked most of the terminal and viewed different aircraft and such, as well as going through the light show tunnel. One Starbucks per person and a lunch at Chiliís later and we were at our gate.

We made our way to gate A53 for our departure and went up to the gate agent to volunteer our names for bumping. She said she thought she would need us as it was overbooked. We went back and sat down and they told us that our plane was delayed in Madison due to weather. Our new departure time was approximately 2:20 PM. That was fine with us; we sat and watched planes at the neighboring gates.

Around 2:05 our plane arrived at the gate and after deplaning the Madison passengers we began boarding. Unfortunately they didnít need our seats (almost had to), but the flight was 100% full, all seats taken. Nick and I boarded and headed to the back of the wonderful 32 year old DC-9. I took my seat in the 2nd to last row with windows and Nick took his seat in the last (Yes, we did get in the back on purpose). This is when I discovered that wow, people donít know how to board an aircraft!!!!!!! It took them around 25 minutes to board because people were standing in the isles! We finally finish boarding and push back at 14:33.

Engine start and a GREAT sounding engine and we are on our way to runway 3L at DTW. We taxied via Uniform, Foxtrot and Mike with only 3 minutes to taxi, not bad. We do a rolling takeoff at DTW and a liftoff into the heavy cloud cover (broken 1,500 overcast 2,500) with a wheels-up time of 1436. A sharp right-hand turn after takeoff to put us in line with the departure route which I cannot lookup do to flightaware not showing our flight. Visibility was horrible throughout the entire climb-out until cruise.

We reached our cruising altitude of FL310 and leveled off. At this time the flight attendants were half-way though their drink service and they finally got around to me and I got a whole can with ice and a smile. Flight crew was very nice this flight and the pilot gave us all the information I wanted such as cruising altitude, speed, weather, names, etc. and the flight attendants were really nice. The DC-9 was a fun ride, it is such a little pocket rocket. We were on some rough air for the first part of the flight and the last part.

We finally made our decent into IAD with 30 minutes left as the weather starts to clear up. Our approach into IAD with some beautiful weather. We made downwind for 1L and flew over KHEF (Manassas Regional Airport) at low altitude and turned on to final. They were fighting some crosswinds on landing but pulled it off into a fairly good landing. The first officer made the landing this leg.

We taxied into gate B23 and pulled up to the gate. Nick and I stayed in our seats and waited for everyone to deplane. Once they were gone we made our way up to the cockpit and stuck our heads in, unfortunately they had to turn real quick since they were late arriving so we didnít stay too long as to not bother them. We made our way into the fairly new B terminal and wandered around for a bit, finally settling into Fuddruckers for dinner. After a good dinner and watching South African leave, we finally left down to luggage claim. We got our luggage and headed outside to get our shuttle. It took a ton of time for the shuttle to our hotel (Hyatt Dulles) to arrive. Finally we make it to our hotel where I am writing this right now.

I hope you guys enjoyed the trip report, I know I am enjoying being here in 55-65 degree weather while Michigan right now is getting buried in 8-10 inches of snow!!!!! :D :D :D!!!!!!

We will be doing a lot at IAD, so we wonít be on too much in the next 5 days.

-Matt Thaler (I wrote it)
-Nick Greed

P.s. pictures will come later.... probably....

03-22-2008, 11:48 AM
Nice report Matt, I think I might have flown on that -50 when she was with Muse Air. Pretty cool that you guys stayed inside security and walked the airport, IAD has some interesting visitors. And did not know there was a Fuddruckers in an airport, haven't had one of their great burgers in years. Good luck shooting the next few days.


03-22-2008, 04:34 PM
Thanks LGA777, I love Fudruckers and haven't had one since the last time I was in DC!

We actually went to the Air and Space Museum and visited that and then did some IAD spotting from its parking lot.