View Full Version : Anyone US Air folks working today?????

2008-02-24, 02:00 PM
Any of the US Airways guys working today happen to know what reg is operating US1878 (PBI-PHL) today??? Didn't know if any of the special schemes were due into PBI today!

Ron? Ryan?

2008-02-24, 07:21 PM
Sorry Mark, did not see this post till after dark as I seldom visit this forum, just send me a pm next time, I was here on a double.

US 1878 was operated by N748US today.

No real special schemes at PBI (we had PSA and the Eagles up here on the Shuttle a couple times) in great light

PBI did get N701UW (Star Alliance) operating on US 1647/1282 wheels on at 1437 and off at 1551.

I see Trump departed at 1754.

BTW Happy B-day Mark, I see we are the same age.



2008-02-24, 07:41 PM
Thank Ron - it was just on the off-chance there was something special - my son was fast asleep and I thought I could run up there quickly if Steelers or Piedmont, etc was in!

I saw the Donals depart as we were coming out from dinner - all I can say is LOUD and proud!! LOL

1961 was a good year!! :)

Thanks Ron