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2008-01-21, 05:41 PM
Not to be confused with Alex's information contact thread.

So, today I went into the eye doctors to get contacts. I am now wearing Focus Night & Day contacts that you can wear for 30 days. So far, I am very happy with them. I can't even tell they are in!!!

2008-01-21, 06:03 PM
I wear Aspheric (I think that's how they are spelled). Very comfortable once a month contacts. Even when I fly they don't get dried out like the others I had.

2008-01-21, 06:44 PM
i could never get comfortable wearing them. i now wear oakley rx glasses and will never go back to wearing anything else. they are just the most comfortable and durable glasses i've ever worn.

2008-01-21, 08:56 PM
I wear Proclear Toric lenses (30 day deal as well) and they're very comfortable too. They usually start to bother me (slightly) around 9 or 10pm so I end up popping them out and wearing my glasses for the rest of the night.

I switched over to contact lenses back in September and couldn't be happier...lots of great benefits I never experienced before with glasses. They're especially helpful in the airplane where I no longer have to switch back and forth between my regular glasses and Rx sunglasses to see the instrumentation, especially in those with EFIS displays.

flyboy 28
2008-01-21, 09:03 PM
I've never been able to get comfortable with the idea of wearing contacts. I just can't take something like that being so close to my eye. Until I have the cash to get LASIK, it's four-eyes for me. :P

2008-01-22, 12:34 AM
I've been wearing contacts since I was 16. I see much better with contacts than I did with glasses. I also wear 30-day contacts, but I take them out every night. They're great except when I go spotting and it's 20 degrees and windy :P

2008-01-22, 12:29 PM
I've Acuvue Oasys, and before that had Acuvue II. They're not really that much different; the Oasys are supposed to let more air into the eyes and thus be more comfortable, but I've only really noticed a difference if I've fallen asleep with the contacts in. The Oasys contacts aren't as dried out as the others.

I've been wearing contacts for about 10 years or so, and I'll never go back to wearing glasses on a permanent basis.