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2008-01-03, 03:03 PM
I found this e-mail in my inbox and thought about sharing it to those who remember the Aireola days. Note some of the ideas for the site including a classified page and e-timetables!

Once again great job on the site, Phil. It's much appreciated by all of us.

Hello all,

Been a long time, hasn't it? It was only 4 months ago that I regrettably sent out the last issue of the Aireola Aviation newsletter. It's summer now, and I am taking the summer off from everything to kick it back up again, and to leave it up for good. Aireola Aviation will be returning to you soon with a new name and in the form of a permanent website.

Still working off of several ideas for new names, the site will be a resource for enthusiasts to get everything they need to have a fun time spotting in the New York City area, with all of the old features you enjoyed from the old newsletter like articles, news and videos, along with exciting new features:

- Live feed from La Guarida Tower!!!

- Classified page to advertise your sites, sell memorabilia, inform people of events, etc.

- Online Timetables! Look up flights from a listing online just like the Airport Guide booklets that you'd pick up at the airport.

- Regularly updated news fed right from the wire!

- Submit your own videos! Submit your work to be a part of the gallery.

- Whatever other features you request!

Physical production will be starting this week as our team of designers sites down to put everything together for you all.

But this is where YOU come in. Have any ideas for the site or features that you would love to see? Are you a lawyer, designer, airline employee or anyone that has a special skill or career or even just some free time that you'd like to contribute to the site's production or upkeep?

Though the site is not up yet, that doesn't mean you can't contribute. We are now accepting articles, news, future events, classified ads and videos so we can unleash with a nice full site with everything that you'll need. Have a site that you want us to promote on ours?

If you apply to any of these, or questions of ANY kind, please just shoot a quick email.

We will keep you posted on the progress throughout production. Though bits and pieces will be coming online over the next few weeks, we are hoping to have 90% of it completed by July 7th, just in time for promotion at the Airliner Convention at LAX.
I hope to hear from ALL of you.

Thanks you so much for your attention,

-Phil Derner Jr. and Staff

2008-01-03, 04:02 PM
Wow. Throw backs! haha

I should go back and read more of the old Aireola stuff. It's crazy to see what I envision or thought-up back then and what became of it.

The classifieds pages never came to be for demand purposes. However, there is a related feature planned in the future.

The timetables....I didn't have the resources to be able to get that onto a website. Maybe something can be implemented if people find it to be interesting. Hmmm.

Thanks for the kind words.

2008-01-06, 02:49 AM
Wow, overuse of exclamation points!!!!!!!

But really, that's very cool to read. This was well before my time and it's interesting to imagine how this site evolved when "Phil Derner Jr. and Staff" consisted of very few people.