View Full Version : Join NYCAviation Staff as a Volunteer!

12-05-2007, 08:12 PM
NYCAviation works on many projects both on and off this site. For Matt and myself, it can be an overwhelming workload, as of course we sometimes spend full-time hours on these tasks, on top of our full-time day jobs.

Because of this, we are looking to bring on some people as Project Specialists. The role of a Project Specialist will be to work as a group or individually on various programs that we are working on, both site-related and other.

This is a great chance for people who love our hobby to contribute to its growth and awareness, while also working with aviation and local communities as well as other industry organizations.

Requirements include:

- Good writing/communication/email skills
- The ability to effectively research various topics
- A minimum of 5 hours a week to spend volunteering
- Must be trustworthy with sensitive and private information
- Excellent time management and assessment skills
- The willingness to sign a Volunteer and Nondisclosure Agreement
- Possession of creativity, either artistic or intellectual
- Passion for aviation

Note: Living in New York is NOT a requirement.

You would be performing research, communicating with other staff members and member's of the aviation/airline industry, sending emails, and so forth. You may be asked to give feedback and commentary on other staff members' progress and share your insight. You would be assigned or would volunteer for projects as they come up, and you would have to determine how much you can accomplish within a certain time frame.

You would be interviewed, ether in person or over the phone, to see if you would fit well in this position. We will not be accepting just anyone that is interested. These projects are often very important and require reliable people. We actually have several going on right now that we can really use some assistance with.

With what NYCAviation is and has been working on behind the scenes, I can assure you that your efforts would make you proud to be a part of the team.

Send your qualifications, thoughts or even resumes to [email protected]