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Matt Molnar
2007-12-04, 12:46 PM
This morning I was on the N train heading to work, sitting down, reading a book, with a large Dunkin Donuts Turbo Ice on the floor between my feet. The train operator seemed to be in a hurry for the first time ever, and took the sharp curve right before Queensboro Plaza without slowing down. My coffee proceeded to tip over and begin rolling away and leaking all over the floor. I instantly jumped up to get it...I hate to be that guy who spills **** all over the train. Just as I stood up, the train still in the turn, the car rocked hard to the left, I lost my balance, landed on my knees and flew into the door on the opposite side of the car. Once we got through the turn I finally managed to get my act together and stand up, pick up my coffee and return to my seat, subjected to only a couple of dumbfounded stares from fellow passengers. Nobody really pays attention to anything on the morning train ride. Ordinarily I'd feel like a real moron after doing something like that, but for some reason I've been laughing about it for the past hour.

2007-12-04, 12:51 PM
Matt....you've now caused THIS embarrassing moment for me:

You know when you're reading something funny on the Internets at work, and you start imagining it in your head, and you BURST out in laughter?! Then, it keeps repeating in your head and you just can't stop the snorts of hilarity and snot from coming out of your nose? Meanwhile, everyone in your office wonders WTF?

Yeah, that just happened to me. Thanks.

2007-12-04, 12:57 PM
I can't believe I missed it.


Midnight Mike
2007-12-04, 01:08 PM
Well, to add myself to the loser list!

On Sunday, we had a nice couple come over for a Simulator ride in the 737-200, when the session was completed we said goodbye & the couple headed to their car, only to discover they left the keys in the ignition.....

So, we called AAA for them & of course, me & my big mouth started to tease them.

Wouldn't you know, on Monday, I left all of my keys in my apartment including my company badge. To add to that, the security office was closed. Luckily, I had my cell phone to call my wife & she had just left, so she was not tooooo far away to turn around...

Midnight Mike
2007-12-04, 01:26 PM
Just as I stood up, the train still in the turn, the car rocked hard to the left, I lost my balance, landed on my knees and flew into the door on the opposite side of the car. .

Just in case a visual is requiredhttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v726/MidnightMike/Avatars/bean_falling_down_water_lg_clr_5414.gif

Alex T
2007-12-04, 03:09 PM
Oh Lord..I have had so many of these...

Tommy can attest to a couple of them muwahaha :twisted:

2007-12-04, 04:22 PM
Matt, what you should have done, after you picked your stuff up, was to take a big bow in front of everyone and return to your seat, just as if you had planned the whole thing :D

2007-12-04, 05:35 PM
I have been known to take a bow upon such occasions.

A few months ago I decided to rollerblade to Blockbuster Video (a whole separate issue). I'm a good skater, but these hockey skates of mine haven't been used in like two years. Apparently the wheels weren't as in good of shape as I thought.

I was skating past a park here in Astoria, and I thought I hit a rock with my left skate and I stomped down with the other skate...tripping....but keeping my balance. However, the stomp was loud enough to draw attention from everyone at some benches and a basketball court a few feet away. I, skating on one foot as I regained my composure, took a bow to respond to a couple snickers I heard.

As I brought my "tripping" foot back down, I tripped again...this time falling...tumbling...rolling....with all of those people seeing it all.....while still mid-bow from my previous trip.

I then had a good three dozen people laughing, myself included. It turned out that one of my axles had broken and the one of the wheel became dislodged, preventing the whole skate working. I ripped that wheel out and made the rest of the skate on 3 for that foot.

Needless to say, as funny as it was, I took a different route home on my way back.

2007-12-04, 08:28 PM
Haha, great stories everyone!

Mine has an aviation related theme to it...

Well, I was making my way to ISP from DTW with a stop in BWI. I get off my plane, and ask a gate agent about the loads on my next flight. Now, granted I was pretty tired already (Don't know why) so I then proceeded to my assigned gate for my flight which left in about 30 minutes. Once I got there, I noticed they were already boarding. Going into panic mode, I totally forgot that my flight was to leave in a half hour... I quickly ran up into line and asked the gate agent, shes like "Uhh.... That is the next flight out of this gate." Needless to say, that was embarrassing. But even worse, when it did come time for my flight, I was waiting in the neighboring gates A/B/C lines!!! (It was pretty confusing)

2007-12-04, 09:07 PM
Gosh, I have so many I can't remember them all!

pick up my coffee and return to my seat

Matt, the most important thing was that, after all that, you didn't spill your java! :borat:

2007-12-07, 02:47 PM
Oh boy I have a bad one...I was in Middle School at the time. I was walking outside of Hudde Junior High in Brooklyn, and there were some kids in a classroom looking out the window making inappropriate gestures and stuff at me. So I gestured back, worse than they gestured me as I was walking and I didn't notice the scaffolding that I walked right into! :oops: Nevertheless the kids in the classroom really got a riot out of that one, so I just ran the heck out of there...

2007-12-07, 07:13 PM
the one semester i went to school at SUNY farmingdale was when i took my physics class. i was sitting in the lab one day through a somewhat-boring lecture and started rocking on the stools that we had in the room. dr. kramer saw this at one point and reminded me that it would be better off if i didn't do that as the stools were known to slip on the floor.

well long story short, i disregarded the warning and wedged myself in comfortable using wall behind me to lean against. well the stool did slip, and i wound up on the floor. the entire room went silent. i stuck my hand up above the counter of the lab table and yelled out "i'm ok!" it was then that the entire room erupted in laughter, and we continued the lecture once i got myself situated back on the stool.

2007-12-10, 10:25 PM
Today I was walking behind this girl I like ( no its a diff girl this time) and I thought she was holding the door for me - and well I was looking down.- and well she didn't it hit me in my head, and when I told her this story- she well she thought I was looking at her A** ;)- I was like c'mon would I ever do that lol. Alot of people looked after it happened, I guess we have her to thank for that embarrassing moment lol :? .

Side Note-

Is it me or would all girls think Id be looking at that spot if I was looking down? ( In my case I was looking a # I just got lol)

2007-12-10, 10:46 PM
Is it me or would all girls think Id be looking at that spot if I was looking down? ( In my case I was looking a # I just got lol)

Let them think that, it's flattering. Don't be overly obvious or awkward though, just be cool. If you're getting good vibes, even break out a little smile. Don't go all out with a grin, or you will get slapped. It's happened to me before, haha. 8)

-Omar S.