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2007-10-31, 05:59 PM
Hey Guys:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! since it is that holiday, what were you guys for Halloween this year? I was myself and I don't have any pictures lol,but if you guys have any shots share em' here!!!!

flyboy 28
2007-10-31, 06:16 PM
A hungry teenager.

2007-10-31, 08:25 PM
A government employee


hiss srq
2007-10-31, 08:31 PM
OB/GYN :borat: :lol:

2007-10-31, 08:48 PM
Colostomy bag.

2007-10-31, 09:47 PM
I thought Ryan's was going to be tough to top, but after Phil's costume....I got nothing.

Midnight Mike
2007-10-31, 11:49 PM
I love these costumes


2007-11-01, 01:42 AM
I didn't buy it but I found it amusing that Party City was marketing a "Eurasian Traveler" costume which was obviously inspired by the gentleman celebrated with NYCA's new favorite smiley, but for which they must not have licensed the trademark to be able to call by name. Eeez nice...

http://www.worldhum.com/weblog/item/bes ... _20071024/ (http://www.worldhum.com/weblog/item/best_travel_themed_halloween_costume_title_eurasia n_traveler_20071024/)

2007-11-01, 08:24 AM
Recovering wisdom teeth patient/drug addict/boxer (due to swelling) :borat:

2007-11-01, 04:37 PM
I was too old to go trick-or-treating. :cry:

hiss srq
2007-11-01, 04:41 PM
Never too old, never.

2007-11-01, 06:58 PM
Pi***d off and working late!!!

2007-11-01, 07:53 PM
I went out in my Moose Suit

2007-11-01, 09:37 PM
I was a Rabbi...

My friend was a Cardinal, I was a Rabbi, and my brother was a ninja (so a Rabbi, cardinal and ninja walk into a bar....)

Smartass Flyboy
2007-11-02, 01:34 AM
OB/GYN :borat: :lol:

Dr. Seymore Busch??

Smartass Flyboy
2007-11-02, 01:36 AM
I was a tired road warrier. :cry:

I spent Haloween in Texas and that was scary enough to last for several years. :lol:

hiss srq
2007-11-02, 10:44 AM
[quote="hiss srq":f973c]OB/GYN :borat: :lol:

Dr. Seymore Busch??[/quote:f973c]
ahahahaahahaha yeah! Good guess man. Last year I was in Charlotte for Halloween with Jessica Morales. They had a party at the hotel and I had no costume so I rushed upstairs, ripped the bedsheet off stripped and made a toga. The only problem was I did not tie it properly so here I go wearing my boxers, a bed sheet, and my Adidas sneakers (The hemp rasta colored ones) and I am holding my cell phones and my wallet going down the hall and all of the sudden it fell apart on me. I rushed back to my room only to find I had left the key card inside. So I get in the elevator and pull the emergency stop so I can readjust and than Jessica had to go down and get me a new card. LOL what a year last year. Got to love Charlotte trainings!

Smartass Flyboy
2007-11-03, 01:36 PM
Ah so that explains the rash of agents returning from training with "an extra passenger on board" :lol: