View Full Version : A lovely sunny Sunday afternoon with friends

2007-10-29, 10:47 AM
So after our conference Sunday morning, we hauled ourselves out ot Bayard Cutting Arboretum. The colors are still green with some splash of fall, which is nice, we didn't miss it. Whilst there, Eric Dunetz joined us. He were searching for color. Missed the local diesel while we were there but I'd like ot try and catch a freighter at some point.

If you like long walks, rovers, ***** willows and moss, head over there.

After we left the park, on a whim, we decided to head over to Peninsula on the way home. Great sushi and Chinese food.

We waltz in and who is sitting at the bar but none other than Nick V. He joined us for some pleasant conversation and great food.

I was craving the Ultimate creamy prawns but, for once, ordered something different. The Curry Chicken, Singapore Style. Great spice, awesome curry. The Mimi special, a sushi 'pizza' was to die for.

We'l have to have an nyca get together there for the holidays :)

2007-11-01, 11:49 AM
Hi Mario, hope you're fine!

Is that the restaurant you guys took me to back in August? Pineapple...yummy :borat:

2007-11-01, 12:35 PM
Heck yes sir!!!!

Will be there again ....nov 18 weekend i think :)