View Full Version : New Forum! Registration Logs and Requests

10-20-2007, 02:34 PM
Due to some demand and as a great venue to store such information, we've created a new forum titled "Registration Logs and Requests". This new forum will serve as a place to:

- Post registration movement logs

- Find out registrations that you might have missed during spotting or photo-taking.

- Determine the registration from a photo that only shows a fleet number, or where the registration is not very visible

- To ask the help of those who might be able to look in their own records, log or sources to find registrations from the past (recent or far)

Several members are excited to post the logs that they already make, both from New York and beyond. All we ask is that your posts are clear and organized. Feel free to post the aircraft types and airlines with the registrations, but please do not post listing without the registration.

If we experience some growing pains, we may add a couple new rules to the forum so it flows better, but other than that, share your logs!

Ask questions here.