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2007-10-06, 09:17 AM

This years NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) took place in Atlanta. For Chris and I the 3rd time in a row we've visited this most busiest 'Bizzjet event' in the world.

1) Atlanta DeKalb Peachtree Airport (KPDK/PDK)
2) Atlanta Fulton County Airport (KFTY/FTY) (with the static)

24/09/2007 07.20-21.00
25/09/2007 07.25-15.00

C-FDJC Ce650
C-FPTM Diamond D-Jet
HB-IPP A318 Elite
N100EG Fa50
N100YB Ce560XL
N101L Gulf. 200
N101UD LJ60
N102TF Fa50
N105AX Be400
N105CJ Ce525B
N108RB LJ35A
N109CP Be400
N110SE LJ31A
N111FA Gulf. 3
N11TS LJ60
N120AP Hs125
N124EX Fa2000EX
N127WL Fa10
N12NV Be400
N135HC Ce650
N145QS Be400
N147FM Prem. 1
N14T LJ31A
N150GD Gulf. 150
N150RJ Fa50EX
N154VP Ce560
N156DH Be400
N158SV Ce680
N15LV Ce525
N15SL Fa20
N161QS Be400
N167GX BD700
N168TT Eclipse 500
N16DK Prem. 1
N16DK Prem. 1
N173VP Ce650
N177AM LJ55C
N178CP LJ35
N179CJ Ce525B
N17A LJ36A
N185G Fa2000EX
N1881Q Fa20
N1895C Ce525
N1910A Hs125
N191VF Ce560
N19MK Ce680
N1CH Ce525B
N1GN Gulf. 550
N2000A Fa2000EX
N200GA Gulf. 200
N202DF Ce680
N203QS Fa2000
N204BG Ce560
N206HY LJ60
N20UA Fa20
N213JS Ce550
N213PQ Prem. 1
N214RW BD100
N218PH Fa2000
N219LC Ce550
N21RA Ce525A
N223F Prem. 1
N223HD Fa50EX
N224GX BD700
N224HD Fa50EX
N224MC Be400
N240AK CL600
N242AC Ce560
N245MS LJ55
N245MU Ce510
N247EM Gulf. 4
N249FX LJ60
N254AD Ce560
N256BC Hs125
N268WS LJ60
N270CX Ce750
N271CX Ce750
N277GA Gulf. 200
N280TA Ce550
N283S BD700
N288G Ce525A
N28WL Ce500
N295NW LJ24D
N2JW CL604
N300SJ Ce560XL
N304SE Be400
N308DM Fa50EX
N308DT Ce550
N308GT Ce525A
N30PC LJ45
N30UD Ce525B
N30WR Gulf. 3
N313CR Ce525A
N323JA Ce525
N325SJ LJ25B
N328CS Ce550
N329CS Ce550
N330WR Gulf. 3
N331PR Ce550
N331QS Ce560
N335PR LJ35A
N339CS Ce550
N33BC Hs125
N33LC Fa50EX
N33NL Hs125
N33TS Ce560
N341QS Ce560
N3444B Ce560
N346PC Fa2000EX
N361QS Ce560
N367CJ Ce525A
N367QS Ce560
N37086 Prem. 1
N371CF Be400
N372WC Ce560
N381BJ Ce501
N388SB Ce550
N395LJ LJ31A
N395MY LJ35A
N399SF Ce560XL
N399W Ce750
N3CT Ce525B
N3JM Ce525B
N400HD Be400
N400JH Ce650
N400VP Be400
N403CM Ce510
N404BS Ce550
N404CS Ce525B
N404HG CL601
N404UK Fa2000EX
N406CM Ce510
N406VJ Ce560
N40LJ LJ40
N40PC LJ45
N411PA Hs125
N412GJ Be400
N418GJ Be400
N419TK IAI 1125
N41GA Ce550
N41MH Fa20
N41ND Ce525B
N420CT Be400
N420HA HA-420 Hondajet
N422X Hs125
N423SJ Hs125
N425BJ Be400
N426MJ Hs125
N428CS Ce525B
N428JD Be400
N43RJ IAI 1125
N43SP Ce501
N443HC Ce510
N444KE Ce650
N44SF CL604
N450GD Gulf. 450
N451AJ Ce525A
N451N LJ45
N460F CL601
N467LX Be400
N469LX Be400
N489B Be400
N48CC Gulf. 4
N492CC Fa200
N499P Be400
N499PA Hs125
N4CS Sabre 65
N4FF Ce510
N500BJ IAI 1124
N500NH Fa20
N500PE CL604
N501GF Hs125
N501LH Ce500
N504PA Fa50
N505CS Ce560XL
N506CS Ce560XL
N507HB Be400
N509CS Ce560XL
N50PM Prem. 1
N512CS Ce560XL
N514DS Ce525
N514TS CL601
N515LR Hs125
N5184U Eclipse 400
N518CL CL601
N518RR Hs125
N522AC Gulf. 400
N523CC Ce560XL
N523KW Ce560XL
N524XP Be400
N525AL Ce525
N525CC Ce525A
N525FN Ce525
N527M Hs125
N530FX BD100
N530GP Gulf. 150
N530PT Prem. 1
N531GP Gulf. 150
N535BC Hs125
N542LR Hs125
N550GD Guf. 550
N554CS Ce560XL
N555RT Ce551
N560BP Ce560
N560RN Ce560
N562RM Ce550
N563BA Ce750
N574CS Ce560XL
N574DA LJ60
N577JC Ce750
N586ED Ce525A
N599DA CL604
N601AD CL601
N601BE CL601
N601RC CL601
N604EF CL600
N605CC CL605
N605FX LJ40
N608CS Ce680
N60TG LJ60
N60TX LJ60
N613WF BD700
N614B Ce525B
N617FX LJ40
N618QS Ce560XL
N619MJ LJ55
N61SH Ce525
N620S CL600
N627MW Ce525
N628CB Ce525B
N630QS Ce560XL
N630TF Ce525A
N637CJ Ce525
N648TS LJ60
N650GC Ce650
N650RB Ce650
N651CC Ce650
N658KS LJ60
N65RA Be400
N660CC Be400
N666TF CL604
N672PS Gulf. 200
N678QS Ce560XL
N67GH Ce525A
N67WB Fa900EX
N689AM Hs125
N68PC LJ45
N696MJ Gulf. 2B
N7007Q Hawker 4000
N700MG Hs125
N700SW Ce750
N704JW Gulf. 200
N707GG Ce501
N707GW Gulf. 5
N709LS Gulf. 4SP
N70KW Ce525A
N710GS LJ35
N710JC Fa10
N711GD Hs125
N715WG Gulf. 150
N716BG LJ60
N716GS Prem. 1
N722CC Hs125
N724MF CL604
N725FL Ce550
N725XL Ce560XL
N731QS Gulf. 200
N747BW LJ35A
N749GA Gulf. 100
N750DM Ce750
N753CE Ce560
N757M Hs125
N75RL Be400
N7600 Be400
N766CE Ce560
N770JP LJ35A
N77FD Ce501
N77VZ Ce525
N786YA LJ31A
N787GT LJ55B
N788MM LJ60
N789TA Be400
N78LF Fa50
N78PT IAI 1124
N78SL Ce750
N7GZ Ce525A
N800JH Gulf. 550
N800NB Ce525
N800QC Hs125
N800RC Hs125
N800XP Hs125
N802AB Ce560
N808WA Ce525
N80AX Ce525A
N811ST Ce560XL
N815CM Ce560
N815L LJ35A
N817BT Ce525
N81HR Prem. 1
N824CB Ce550
N826HS Ce525
N830DB Gulf. 150
N830LX Hs125
N835DM Ce525B
N838QS Hs125
N841CW Ce501
N842CB Ce550
N845UP BD100
N856BB Ce525
N861CE Hs125
N862CE Hs125
N862QS Hs125
N87EB Be400
N880M Hs125
N887QS Hs125
N888TF Ce510
N891QS Hs125
N892QS Hs125
N898PA LJ60
N898QS Hs125
N899SC Hs125
N8YM Be400
N900DH Gulf. 2
N900EG Gulf. 4
N900EX Fa900EX
N900FS IAI 1124
N900HC Fa900EX
N900ST Hs125
N900TG Fa900
N900WY BD100
N901HB SJ30
N902DK Ce550
N902MK Fa900
N903XP Hs125
N905B Fa2000
N905QS Ce750
N905RL LJ55
N908CH Fa20
N90AR CL601
N90CF Ce560XL
N90GS LJ45
N911WX LJ35A
N912QS Ce750
N914FF Ce525B
N915MP Ce525A
N922SL Ce550
N933AC Be400
N93CW Ce525B
N940DC Gulf. 550
N956PP IAI 1125
N962QS Ce750
N96G Ce525A
N976SR Sabre 65
N97WJ Fa20
N98WJ Gulf. 2SP
N994JR Prem. 1
N996JS LJ31A
N997MX MU-300
N999GR Ce550
N999PW Ce501
N99BB Ce750
OE-HAC Ce750
PR-BER Prem. 1
XA-AAS Do328
XA-SIM Fa900

Hope you enjoyed.

Best regards,
Chris / Jeroen
Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2007-10-16, 06:09 PM
You might have missed a few...but that looks about right.