View Full Version : LOG: Dallas Love Field 21/22/23sep 2007

2007-10-06, 09:15 AM

Dallas Love Field (DAL)

DAL 21/09/07 12.20-13.50
DAL 22/09/07 14.20-15.00
DAL 23/09/07 11.40-12.20

HZ-WBT7 B744
N100DS Ce550
N100HW LJ40
N102QS Be400
N10JY LJ45
N10JY LJ45
N110WA Ce550
N134AX Gulf. 200
N134AX Gulf. 200
N1414P Ce525A
N147SW Gulf. 100
N150TX Fa50
N15TT Ce750
N160AN LJ60
N174B Fa10
N175SR Ce650
N18HN Fa20
N1DC Gulf. 5
N213QS Fa2000
N215QS Fa2000
N235SV Ce650
N241RT Hs125
N2426 Ce680
N245J Ce560XL
N265QS Fa2000
N281FP LJ24D
N300TK CL600
N300WY Gulf. 3
N304QS Ce560
N328CC BD100
N329CS Ce550
N344RJ Ce500
N360GA Gulf. 200
N3618F A319CJ
N367GA Gulf. 200
N369B Ce750
N384BB Gulf. 3
N391SH Gulf. 3
N396V CL600
N3DP Gulf. 3
N400WY Gulf. 3
N415FX LJ45
N417FX LJ45
N420ST CL601
N435QS Gulf. 450
N442MA Hs125
N451HC LJ45
N451R Gulf. 150
N455FD Ce501
N45ST Gulf. 550
N469WC IAI 1124
N48LB Hs125
N490QS Gulf. 4SP
N490SJ Fa200 (ex- PH-APV)
N500JW Gulf. 2TT
N520E BD700
N522CS Ce560XL
N522FX BD100
N528BP Hs125
N555DZ Fa10
N559AM Ce650
N56LN Fa50
N599ZM Fa20
N603RF Gulf. 200
N610HC Ce750
N618GH Fa200
N619MJ LJ55
N622PC Ce560XL
N630CC Ce550
N631DV Gulf. 200
N642JC Fa900
N65HH Sabre 65
N706QS Gulf. 200
N719QS Gulf. 200
N723CC LJ55
N729QS Gulf. 200
N72BP Gulf. 2TT
N749QS Gulf. 200
N755QS Gulf. 200
N77709 Gulf. 150
N77HF Ce650
N77HN LJ40
N77LX Ce650
N784BX Fa2000
N800FH Hs125
N802QS Ce560
N809QS Ce560
N812GJ Hs125
N828SS Ce551
N82SR Hs125
N830DB Gulf. 150
N832LX Hs125
N836MF Gulf. 4
N844GF Gulf. 4
N882QS Hs125
N8841C Gulf. 150
N885KT Gulf. 5
N888ME Fa50
N898TA Be400
N89CE Fa2000EX
N900H CL601
N900TR Fa900
N910S Gulf. 4
N950QS Ce750
N9611Z Gulf. 150
N96FL IAI 1125
N978QS Ce750
N993GH Fa2000EX

Chris / Jeroen

2007-10-16, 08:44 PM
Did you get any photos of HZ-WBT7? It's one of my favorites :borat:

2007-10-17, 12:44 PM
Hi what are the points of these posts? Is this just showing movements or something?

2007-10-17, 01:08 PM
Yes, just a movement log to show all the regis for the day or period of time.

I think these are great. Myself and the team are currently trying to figure out how to best accommodate these logs for viewing, research and board flow purposes.

2007-10-21, 01:26 AM
I bet I could parse and database-ify these if I were really bored... :D