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2007-09-30, 12:32 PM
EWR-CPH-WAW SAS July 4 2007 (a LOT of photos)
(maybe a little pun intended)

July 4, 2007
SAS flight 910 EWR-CPH

Before my parents dropped me off at the airport, they wanted to stop by at IKEA. We went in, I got 2 hotdogs downstairs, and then when to the upstairs cafeteria to try to get some photos of planes taking off from runway 4R.

My parents were done shopping, and I enjoyed a piece of cake while they ate there meal. Soon we were underway to the airport. We parked the car and to took the air train to the B terminal. We went downstairs to check-in, and get my boarding pass printed. I got the preferred seat I reserved, 32A. I was also told I will not get to boarding pass to the connecting flight, to Warsaw now, but instead at the gate in CPH. The worried me a bit because now I will have to make a detour and get the boarding pass, instead of worries free terminal spotting. I was happy I got the window seat I reserved upon ordering the tickets several months ago, and found it excellent the airline allows you to reserve them that far in advance. (some make you do it 24 hours via internet check in) I was a little worried I might not get a window for the Warsaw flight. I still had some time to go before the flight so I went up to the terminal window and took some photos.

When flight time came closer, my parents walked me over to the departure area and we said out goodbyes. I handed my boarding pass and passport to an agent and advanced down the hall to the security checkpoint area. There was only one station working at the time so the screening process took longer then last time. Once I got to the gate, boarding had already begun. I handed my Boarding pass to the agent working, and he was a little surprised I was flying alone. But, the same man who helped me check in was there to explain the situation to him.

I could see D-ABTH, the only other star alliance plane I flew on, right next to the one I was bout to fly on. Also, the last time I flew SAS to Poland, I returned on Lufthansa’s D-ABTH.
From the area between the waiting area and the Jet way, I took some photos of our plane, and the ones next to us. Finally entered the Jet way and walked towards the plane.

I entered through the 2nd door and walked past economy extra. Finally found my seat, the 2nd row after L3. Unfortunately, under my seat was a black box unit, which took up some space. I didn’t mind too much, but it did get a little annoying. In my seat, and everyone’s there was a bottle of water. I felt it was especially nice and one of the little things that make an airline great. I was sitting next a man traveling to Estonia. We did have some conversation through out the flight and he was a good seat mate. I made sure to tell him I was an aviation enthusiast so he would not get suspicious of the photos I was taking.


While taxing I was looking at the front camera, a really cool feature on the SAS A330.

The wait for takeoff didn’t take long. I was sitting on the left side of the plane so I had a good view of the Continental activity. I few lighter Continental’s were in line before us, soon they took off and we were holding short.
We slowly lined ourselves up with the runway, and placed the throttles to the maximum.
After the standard initial left bank out of rwy 22R we were in the clouds.
There wasn’t much to look at, so I decided to browse the in-flight magazines, talk with my seatmate, and look at the flight data.
My Seatmate told me a little about his trip, and I told him about mine. Soon, once we were free to move about the cabin, we stretched our legs. I watched an episode of BBC’s “click”, a great shot about computers and technology. The flight went petty routine, and I took some photos from the window, and of the cabin. My seat mate and I spent some time in the rear galley, able to stretch our legs, read, and chat with the flight attendants.
I personally love the whole operation of flying, all the effort and “behind the scenes” stuff that goes in to preparing for a flight, like luggage, refuel, and, of course catering. I also like the less normal areas on a plane, such as galleys, crew rests, and the space right before the cockpit, with the entertainment center, and all.
The flight attendants told us stores of how it is to work for the airline, how they got used to flying, and the time changes.
I also asked about candy I enjoyed on my last flight, and the flight attendant gave me the name” twists” and even a special cupful.

The flight attendants said they were going to start meal service, and it could not get too crowded in the galley (a few other people joined us)
I took some photos of the sunset.
The food, particularly for airline food, was great. Normally, I just have 2 bites, and the roll (sometimes, if there is a biscuit), but this food was really good.
On the flight, the moves weren’t working, but I didn’t care. I just watched the comedy channel. The crew was trying to get the moves to work, so they kept resetting the system. Basically, I watched the same episode of “Will and Grace” three times, but never got it down the like, to shows like “the office”, which I would like to see for the first time.
Other shows included two and a half men; everybody hates Chris, and Little Britain: abroad. Little Britain: abroad is a sketch show, basically including British people getting into trouble abroad. For example the prime minister’s assistant Sebastian, at the Whitehouse, and Bubbles Diver pretending she is famous to get a free dress or a drug smuggling trial in Thailand (just north of shirt land). Some of the sketches were rather funny, but the show did have the rather “stupid” funny look to it. Some of the sketches were rather “stupid”, but it was overall, mostly, funny.
Back to the report, after boring you for a paragraph with the show description.
I didn’t sleep on the flight, but I normally don’t sleep on planes.
After some time of reading my book, flipping through the channels, and walking around the plane, the sky got light again.
It gave off this beautiful pink sky effect.
The flight attendant came around the cabin distributing the candy. Even thought I had a full cup, I decided to get the delicious caramel.
We started our decent soon
The landing was overall smooth, was I was disappointed to see the dark clouds fallowed me.


After de-boarding, the flight crew and captain let me visit the cockpit.

Overall, I enjoyed the flight very much. :D The staff and crew were very nice and helpful. The food was great. Entertainment was good. Seats were conferrable and the plane was clean. Little things like the water in the seats and chocolate make the airline very good.

Negatives, which the airline can’t control (yet) is the weather. Compared to my KLM 777 flight last year, the mood on this flight was automatically darkened by the rain and dark clouds. Also, I heard SAS will install on demand entertainment systems, which will make them even better. One tinny negative is the fabric from the back of the seat in front of you is only Velcro on, and at time you get the yellow cushion from the seat. Also, the cabin is a little dark, but it’s still great.

We arrived at gate C38/39
(Technically, I walked out of the gate 38, for first class, because it was closer to the cockpit)

I proceeded towards the terminal, some pics:

Needed to pass through a security checkpoint. I let some people go in front of me who were going to miss their flight. Later this comes back to bite me. I went into the main international terminal section, wandered around, and took some pics:

Air Greenland, so close, and yet so far:

Now, I got in a long line at the information/transfer center. There was only one widow open, and everyone was complaining about how they missed their flight, and trying to get a new one. I noticed a women I let in front of me at the window. After about a 30min wait, I got up. Showed her my passport, and the conformation I printed out from the internet. At first I got 9B, but then I asked for a window seat. I got She was nice and told me to go to the A concourse, and I could leave the international terminal. I proceeded towards the passport control and entered NO! line for EU citizens. I showed him my Polish passport, and the process went quickly. He even gave me my gate number and told me where to go.


Took some pics of the Air Greenland A330 I wanted to see so much.
(you can see my plane for the CPH-WAW flight in the last one)

I preceded down the terminal and took some more shots:
Because the Warsaw terminal (which we will arrive at) is international, I had to leave the EU, to get to my gate.

The A concourse is really modern, some pics:
I walked into the Gate A17 and waited for my flight to stat boarding.
I hope you enjoyed reading this trip report, and hope it holds you over until I stop procrastinating to do the 2nd part. CPH-WAW

Iberia A340-600
2007-09-30, 12:42 PM
Great trip report, Matt!

Lots of detail and great photos.

2007-09-30, 12:43 PM
Very good report. I am looking forward to see your next report on the LOT E-175

hiss srq
2007-09-30, 01:32 PM
Love the ElAl banker shot! Great trip report! :borat:

2007-09-30, 11:22 PM
Nice report, Matt...really interesting to read! I've always wanted to try SAS. Glad you got to atleast have a glimpse at the rare/insanely beautiful Air Greenland A332 too :)

- jMay

2007-10-01, 01:46 AM
Nice report. But man, Airbus cockpits are so boring!

2007-11-21, 10:34 PM
Airline: LOT
Aircraft: E170

I was sitting down near gate 17, but decided to walk over to the window to take a few photos. While I was doing so, the announcement to start boarding was made, and I was one of the first in line. At first, I was given a new boarding pass, and boarded the plane. The plane was very new, and clean. I sat in row 10, seat A (left side of the plane, facing forward). Boarding took some time, most of which I spent hoping no one would sit next to me.

Pushback came around 10:00. we taxied along side the concourse towards runway 4R. right before us a Jet time 737 was entering the runway for takeoff, causing quite a splash.

Soon, we taxed onto the runway and took off. Take from 4R is very nice, if your sitting on the left. You sew a great terminal overview. Sadly, I couldn’t get any nice photos.
During the flight, I relaxed at speared out, having the whole row to myself. The seat were very conferrable, and there was a lot of space. A little after takeoff, at our cruse I went to the other side to take a picture of that wing side. Soon, breakfast was being served. I don’t remember what it was exactly, but I believe it was a bun and some cheese and ham. The captain went on the PA and confirmed we were over polish airspace. The crew started collecting the trash, and I wanted to get a cabin shot as soon as they finished. Unfortunately, once they did the captain told us to get ready for landing. I got one from my seat, which I felt was ok.
On Taxi

RzPL tu-154s

Shots form the bus.

The bus made its first stop at the old terminal for connecting passengers, and then moved to the new terminal. This was my first time in the new terminal. I entered to a silver-orange ultra modern passport control center. I waited a few minutes and entered the country (officially). I walked past the baggage claim area.
Having no bags to claim, I walked into the arrivals meeting area to find my grandmother waiting for me.
http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l233/mateu21/Poland2007208.jpgWe walked through the terminal a little, then went outside to see the military ramp, were the Tu’s were.

Too be continued…

Overall: I enjoyed a stopover at CPH, and was able to see a lot of cool new airlines. The LOT flight was very smooth and relaxing. I would highly recommend the LOT E170. The New Warszwa terminal looks very modern and impressive, and I cant wait until the top is opened. Also, I flew on the same plane Herpa made a 1/500. Sorry for taking this long to post a report, and in the future, I hope to post them faster

2007-11-22, 02:11 AM
there is just something so soothing about flying in the rain. i don't know what it is, guess i'm jsut a wierd pilot in way. also, i always loved getting off an airplane and walking across the ramp after landing at WAW. though the one time i got off a G-V was even better, but we can't always get what we want.

great TR, and great shots considering the wx. nice work!

2007-11-22, 12:24 PM
Very nice trip report.