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2007-08-03, 01:59 AM
Hey guys,

Can someone please explain to me how WN connects PAX? It will only be my 4th time connecting, and my first time by myself, and I also hear that they do it differently than other airlines.

Do I print off both boarding passes when I check in for the first flight? If not, what do I do?

Could someone also include any information I should know before my flight? Thanks.

Alex T
2007-08-03, 02:16 AM
No..Not sure how we do it differently?

You get both your boarding passes when you check in for your flight...checking in meaning you have ur A,B or C boarding Pass..

Get off the plane in your connecting city, walk to a Screen, find your connecting gate, then get in the Liner your 2nd boarding pass says and just wait to board.

Not sure how its any different...WN will check your bags through if you checked bags.


2007-08-03, 10:29 AM
Oh, ok thanks Alex, someone told me that it was different and you didn't get your boarding passes when you check in for your first flight.

Alex T
2007-08-03, 12:59 PM
Nope, whenever or wherever you check in, Kiosk, Ticket Counter or even Online, if yo have a connecting segment, it will spit the pass out for both legs unless your on an ATA segment, it won't then because you'd have to check in with ATA at their gate.

Though I must warn you if there is the slightest chance your first leg looks delayed, WN does not usually hold the aircrafts for in bound connections unless its the last flight or there is usually more then 5-10 people. So if its delayed go to the gate and ask to be rebooked to a different flight so that your not screwed up or forced to stay in a hotel. Not to scare you just to let you know and have an Idea, so things don't come as a surprise.

Enjoy the flight, and any more questions please ask here!


2007-08-03, 04:46 PM

I printed off both boarding passes about 15 seconds past 24 hours, got A for both (#2 for the first flight, #14 for the second)

Just so anybody knows/wants to track it:


stuart schechter
2007-08-05, 11:09 AM
Lucky man. Well have a great time with Gordon and see NY!