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07-31-2007, 05:45 PM
Me and my family decided to go on vacation together to Orlando to check out some tourist attractions and stay with my Dad's cousin in Ft. Myers. Wake up time was 4:00am left the house at 5:00am. We took a taxi service to JFK T6 jetBlue Airways. We sat at a bar table till around 6:00am and went through sercurity. Line was not bad and it went quickly. Our gate was 21 which I knew we had to go to the temporary terminal next to T6. We took the shuttle bus to the terminal. There were winodws that you can peer out to the ramp. I was luck to get some shots of our A320 and some landings at 13L.


Picture of our aircraft:

We boarded the aircraft around 6:45 pm. I asked the flight attendent if I could take a phot of the cockpit and she asked the captain and I was able to. I greeted them while they were eating their breakfeast bagels and checking their e-mails on their laptops.


I had a conversation with the pilots and they gave me a good luck on my future ATC training. I thanked the pilots and the flight attendant and I made my way to seat 13F. :shock:
We pushed out from Gate 21 at 7:00 am on time. Flight was supposed to last 2.5 hours.

jetBlue Airways Flight 155 A320 N634JB aka B*L*U*E JFK-MCO
Depart 7:00am arrive 10:00am.

We taxied toward 13R via taxiway D, B, P, PE. It took about 30 minutes. It was great to the the "parking lot" of jetBlue aircraft near the new T5 and hardstands of T4.
Here is a video of taking off runway 13R at JFK:

Most of the flight was smooth flying. Watched some early morning news.
My snack:

We had a little turbulence descending toward Olrando near Jacksonville. The rest was smooth and we had a nice soft landing at Orlando at 17R. Kudos to the pilots. Here is the video:

Arrival time: 9:30 am

We taxied to the gate via taxiways H8,G,and J5
My family and I exited the plane and headed toward the train toward the main terminal to pick up our bags. We then went downstaris to pick up our car at AVIS. They did'nt have the car we reserved 'Seinfeld moment" so we took a Chevy small SUV. We didnt get the car till around 11:45. We got the car and headed out to the Kennedy Space center.

jetBlue Airways Flight 138 RSW-JFK

After having great time in Florida, it was time to go back to NYC. We went through sercurity and we headed toward gate D6 and got a pleasent surprise:

It was the 100th A320 of jetBlue!

depart: 7:00pm delayed to 7:21 pm for ATC delays. Arrive: 9:51 pm

We taxied via G1, F, F9 but the pilots made an almost wrong turn to the left and pushed hard on the rudder to make the correction. Our taxi was quick but we had to wait for a Southwest 737 to land. As soon as we turned onto the runway, we started our take off roll (plane landing behind us). We climbed up to crusing altitude where we had some minor turbulence due to TS below us. The rest of the flight was uneventful and we landed on 13L.
Here is the final video:

We arrived at Gate 23 in the temporary terminal. Before I left the plane I asked teh flight attendent if my dad could take a photo of me in the cockpit. She said yes and I got one. The pilots were not there as they had another flight to go on.

There was a huge line of people on line for the shuttle bus. I think only two or three were operating. We had to wait 35 minutes. We got the T6, got the bags and waited for our taxi for 45 minuted. The traffic to T6 was backed up for a mile. We finnaly got into the taxi and made it hope 11:45pm.

07-31-2007, 05:51 PM
Man that first picture almost had me falling off my chair. LOL! j/k :lol:

Nice shots, and a nice write up.

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Your V1 was off on the video, i'm sure he hit it much before that ;)