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07-26-2007, 10:08 PM
I wanted to just take a moment to ask people to be sure that the posts being made are relevant to the topic at hand.

Many of us are close outside of the boards. Some of us are close friends, coworkers, even family. But when there's an inside joke to be made, remembeer that others are reading it, too, and that it can be distracting from what the thread starter's intention was.

For every post, if you use the "PM" function at the bottom of that post, the PM window will have the post quoted by the author, so that if you have an inside joke to make, you can easily ship it to the person via PM.

The normal rules apply for Off Topic posts. A quick joke is fine, but one the off topic referneces go beyond two posts, those replies will be deleted. If the thread is a question and it has agreeably been answered and fully discussed, perhaps some more conversation can be allowed....but use common sense and good judgement.

From here on, members will be issued official warnings from mods (fo which you will also receive by PM), which are saved for a certain length of time. Repeated violations (of any kind) can lead to temporary or full bans.

There are hundreds of members and thousands of people that read this site. Please do your part in making it as enjoyable, educational and comfortable for everyone.

Thanks guys (and girlies)