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Matt Molnar
2007-07-15, 04:11 PM
Hey guys,

Apologies if you've been unable to access the board at any point today. We're attempting to upgrade the bulletin board software that runs this place, mostly to eliminate the spambot problems we've been having, and also to add a few useful features for your posting and reading pleasure.

So far the upgrade hasn't worked, but we're going to try again in a bit, let's say around 20:30 ZULU (4:30 PM Eastern).

Thanks for your patience!

Matt Molnar
2007-07-15, 06:26 PM
Testes, testes, 1-2-3. Looks like the update has worked.

While I work on making the new board look more like the old one, if you receive any error messages or have any problems, please post them here. Thanks!

2007-07-15, 07:17 PM
why do we now have to go to a separate page to post a reply to a thread? is there any way to make that like it used to be that we could post from the same page as the thread?

aside from that i mostly like the layout of the thread. i have yet to see how pictures and avatars look on the site since i'm at work but i'll get to that once i get home.

2007-07-15, 07:47 PM
You still have a login issue from the main page.

stuart schechter
2007-07-15, 08:52 PM
Wahhh!!!! go back to the old!!

2007-07-15, 09:18 PM
There is still much more to fix, add and modify. Obviously, we didn't want to shut down the board completely for an extended period of time while we do this.

All we need is a little patience. We know change can be tough. Sorry!

Matt Molnar
2007-07-15, 09:29 PM
You still have a login issue from the main page.

What is the issue you're having?

2007-07-15, 09:52 PM
My EYES! AAAAAAAARGH! I was blinded when I started NYCA the first time.
Peronsally I like the Dark colors better.

2007-07-15, 10:25 PM
To the administrators --

If you're at all interested in hearing my opinion, I agree with Senga. Darker, cool colors tend to be more calming and easy on the eyes. If I could suggest anything at all, it would be very minor -- to change some of the color selections. Otherwise, it's lookin' fantastik, and I'm assured everyone will be pleased with the end result.

ciao ciao

- jMay

2007-07-15, 10:40 PM
FYI: This scheme (subsilver) has actually always been available and I've used it since the beginning of my membership at NYCA. I find it easier to read the boards. That's just my opinion.

2007-07-15, 10:44 PM
Yea I like the dark grey cause it reminds me of aviation, metal , weather etc. My windows OS's have the darkest grey I can use.

Generally I prefer dark colors in everything.


2007-07-15, 10:51 PM
We are aware of and agree with the color issue.

A lot of what is different and missing will be added and adjusted over the coming days.

Because of the nature and necessity of the upgrade we made, we decided to keep the boards open during the transition, as you are now experiencing. The alternative was to shut down the boards for several days.

Once we get caught up, we'll show you folks around the new features. I think you'll all like what we come away with.

Again, thanks for the patience and input!

2007-07-15, 11:34 PM
can we go back to having the avatar and such on the right side of the page?

2007-07-15, 11:36 PM
It was on the right side temporarily. We will probably keep it on the left as it currently, and almost always, was.

As you can see, the Quick Reply is back up, so you don't have to go to a new page to reply.

hiss srq
2007-07-16, 12:01 AM
I agree I was reprimanding Matt for a foolish idea related to this. My question is what exactly is being done? What modifications or upgrades are akeing place?

Matt Molnar
2007-07-16, 12:56 AM
My question is what exactly is being done? What modifications or upgrades are akeing place?
We upgraded to a new version of the software the forum runs on. This was done mainly because the new version has better security and management features than the version we were running previously (we were spending about 40 minutes a week deleting spambot accounts), but there are also many new useful features everyone will benefit from. Here are a few of them...

* Started typing but don't have time to finish your post? Click SAVE under the reply window and you can now save a draft of it.
* Bookmark threads you want to keep an eye on
* Email threads to yourself or to a friend
* A new "Friends and Foes" function, similar to A.net's respected users list
* New navigation links at the top of each page: View unanswered posts, View active topics, View new posts, View your posts
* A couple of other really great things which we haven't decided how to implement yet

2007-07-16, 10:27 AM
how was what i asked off topic? and spellman you're getting on my last nerve!

It wasn't...Ryan's reply was. Now that it's clear, everyone can stay on topic :)

2007-07-16, 10:52 AM
You still have a login issue from the main page.

What is the issue you're having?

On the main page (index.htm I presume) when using the menu bar for forum and clicking login you are redirected to a 440 page. Probably just need to update the links.

2007-07-18, 05:05 PM
Am I correct that when typing a post my beloved spell check function is gone, if not where would I find it please ?



2007-07-19, 12:35 AM
Just get Firefox, with the spellcheck built in.

2007-07-19, 12:08 PM
Would it be possible to move the "Mark forums read" link back down to underneath all the forums (on the main forum page) like it used to be? I scroll down the list, opening the forums with new posts in new tabs as I go, and I like to mark everything read at the bottom so that everything is marked as "read" (or to me, already seen).

2007-07-20, 10:47 AM
If I recall correctly when someone posted a link and if you clicked it, it opened up in another window automatically. Now, it just redirects the browser to that link. Does this have anything to do with the new site format?

2007-07-21, 12:33 AM
Guys, thank you. All of your suggestions are "tiny" but important. We are working on the big pieces first, and will get to work on the rest of them soon as well....this includes moving a couple of those smaller things around some.

Please keep those small differences and suggestions coming. Thanks!

2007-07-31, 05:55 PM
For those concerned, the "Log In" and "register" links in the site's navigation bar have now been fixed. You may now continue to use that to get to the boards.

GothamSpotter pwns!!11!1 ;)

Matt Molnar
2007-08-07, 05:27 PM
Three features added today:

Links within posts now open in a new window.
The Quick Reply box at the bottom of each topic page now displays formatting buttons and smilies.
You may now add YouTube videos directly into your posts rather than linking to them. On YouTube, copy the address in the URL box to the right of the video. Click the YouTube button on the NYCA post or reply page, and simply paste the YouTube URL between the [youtubeThere is a minor bug with the new Quick Reply box in that the Font Color selection box is broken. This should be fixed shortly.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any problems or suggestions!

2007-08-07, 10:08 PM
I keep on seeing MSN [BOT], YAHOO [BOT] in the Registered Users line, is that just some error or are the bots going to be removed?

2007-08-07, 10:15 PM
Those are good bots. They absorb and search content on the site to help bring people here who do searches for various topics that they might come across on our boards.

Matt Molnar
2007-08-08, 12:36 PM
I keep on seeing MSN [BOT], YAHOO [BOT] in the Registered Users line, is that just some error or are the bots going to be removed?
I, for one, welcome our new search engine robot overlords.