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07-13-2007, 12:09 PM
I needed to go to North Carolina on business this past Wednesday. I had originally planned on nonreving LGA-ORF on US. I was somewhat scared when the wx delays happened on Tuesday night that Iíd have trouble getting out Wednesday morning. The plan was to fly to ORF, rent a car and then drive the rest of the way to Moyock, NC.

Because the last time Blair, my college buddy, was in town I didnít get a chance to drive out to KTEB to see him he called me late Tuesday to tell me he had flown into town and had some time off before his boss needed to head back to TX. I asked if he wanted to go fly. A quick check with his copilot and we had agreed to meet at KTEB at 0600 for an 0700 wheels up. I wish I could have found an airport closer to where I needed to be but sadly, nothing closer could handle a Citation III. We were off the ground at 0644 and on our way to a wonderful day of flying. The weather than threatened us such a short while ago was no factor as we slid along at FL 270. Texans definitely are a cool bunch, and even though my buddy is the FO for this airplane he willingly gave up the seat to me so that I could log some jet time. I flew the takeoff from KTEB and I have to say itís the most fun Iíve ever flown. That little airplane has a lot of power on tap, especially when the tanks are only half full. I flew the approach into KORF but handed the airplane over to Tex for the landing (insurance reasons) and were on Landmark Aviationís ramp a few minutes later. Definitely not a super FBO, they did actually rolled out the red carpet for us when we got there since we were the biggest airplane on the ramp at that time. We bought some gas from them and they arranged the rental car I needed. We planned to stay at the Radisson in Norfolk Wednesday night, which had a really decent restaurant inside.

After I got back from Carolina, we had a late lunch in the hotel and got our gear together and headed back to the airport. Blair and Tex would fly me to KEYW where my airplane sat lonely and waiting. I again got to fly the takeoff and departure from KORF and managed to get used to the autopilot on the flight down. (Still nowhere near used to the Cessna FMS.) The Citation sat on the ramp at the FBO long enough for me and Blair to get our and offload our flight bags. Tex didnít even shut off the #2 engine and taxied back out as walked to my airplane. Thanks to the miracles of modern computing (Jeppesen) Blair had a flight plan created and downloaded to Garmin card before we even got to the airplane. We packed up, paid for the fuel I ordered and the tie-down fees and taxied out for departure. Total time on the ground: ~20 minutes. Note to Mike and Brett, next time you two idiots decide to leave the airplane here for a month pay the tie-down fees yourselves!

We flew three legs to get to KORF, KEYW-KLAL, KLAL-KRBW and KRBW - KORF. We took off from Key West with 74 gallons usable fuel onboard and headed for Lakeland, FL. Our stop in Lakeland only lasted 40 minutes, long enough to use the head, eat a sandwich and have the airplane topped off. That leg was a full two hours long, and we only burned 26.6 gallons of 100LL. Total distance was 351.6 NM. We climbed in and strapped on the airplane and took off on the second leg of the day, which was 321.2 NM long. We burned 27 gallons. The third and final leg of the day was 340.6NM long, where we burned 29 gallons in two hours and ten minutes. The total flight time was 5 hours and 40 minutes. Added to that were the three hours flying down to Key West and the two-hour drive to and from Moyock, NC. Needless to say it was a long day for us. We finally parked at Landmark around 0100 local. Tex had the rental car ready and we went to the hotel to shower and just get some sleep.

Half of Thursday was spent just sleeping, the other half wandering around Norfolk. None of us had ever been here before. We had breakfast at Luna Maya, a Mexican restaurant and dinner The Top Ten Restaurant. We owe those two great finds to Blairís blackberry and hotels.com. We headed back to the hotel and decided to hit the bar. Blair, Tex and I talked for a while at the bar in the hotel and I started working on the flight plan for my flight home and started writing this. I needed to get the Bonanza back home to KFRG. What I realized after planning and loading the flight plan to the Garmin card is that Iíd have to stop at KTEB first. My truck was there, meaning Iíd have to leave the Bonanza there so that I could drive in to work on time. This is what happens when you donít think; you forget the little important details. It was getting late, and Tex and Blair had to get back to KTEB. Friday was a flying day for them as well, and theyíd be flying back to KDAL with the Citation. I drove them to the airport and saw them off. Once they were airborne and gone I drove back to the Radisson and headed for the front desk where I told them Iíd be leaving early and set up a wake call for 0400. Friday was going to be another very long day for me. Not only did I have to get the airplane to KTEB but I also had to drive to LGA and go to work for 12 hours. Iím hoping to get the airplane back to the Alpha ramp at KFRG this weekend, KTEB parking rates suck! Maybe I should fly into KLGAÖ

Friday morning came too soon. I somehow dragged myself out of bed and into the shower and got ready for the nice long day. The flying actually was the best part. I took off from KORF at around 0630. I made it to KTEB around 0900, took my time coming up and enjoyed what was left of the sunrise. (Thank you Oakley!) I ended up having to file IFR; they didnít want to let me in to KTEB otherwise. I was told by NY Center that I would be in an indefinite hold trying to get into KTEB VFR, Iím happy this was the last leg, Iím tired. KORF-KTEB ended up being 420 NM in length and cost me a 30 gallons of 100LL. FSS wouldnít let me file it direct so I ended up flying out towards KCHO before they let me transition north. I realized that the Bonanza definitely needs air conditioning. Even up at 9000, it was relatively warm in the cockpit. I tied down at KTEB around 0930 and walked out to my truck which had been baking in the heat for 3 days now. The drive to work took almost 2 hours and I had just enough time to stop at home and get my uniform so that Luis would leave me alone. Now Iím at work typing this up before I have to plug in and get started for the night.

Sorry that I didnít get any pictures, I didnít really want to pack my SLR and forgot to steal my sisterís point-and-shoot. This trip was more about moving the airplane home than flying around for fun. My @$$ is numb enough, I think Iíll stand most of my shift tonight.