View Full Version : Ireland Trip (09/2007) Finalized

2007-06-14, 03:18 PM

My wife and I are paid up for Ireland (09/15 through 09/25/2007). We'll be flying Aer Lingus over and back ... Flights 108 and 111 respectively ... and our aircraft will be Airbus A330-300s each way.

Our window seats are in row 37 going over and row 36 coming back ... both on the right side. Our travel agent says the A330-300s have 47 rows in the economy cabin ... so I'm wondering if the wing will be much of an obstruction when I'm photographing (a) our approach to and departure from Ireland ... plus (b) our approach to the North American seaboard.

From photographs I've taken of the A330-300 in flight at JFK ... the wings appear quite "slender" ... if that's the proper term.


Mike (shamrock838)

2007-06-14, 03:24 PM
Sounds like an awesome trip.

2007-06-14, 11:17 PM
Have a ball. Too bad their seats are not listed on Seatguru.

Check airliners.net for trip reports.

Perhaps these will help you though.



also, instead of seatguru.com, I recently heard of seatexpert.com.
I like them....They still have Concorde listed ;)