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2007-06-12, 09:41 AM
Hey everyone. My boss needs to go to Phoenix on Sunday night...only problem is that it's Father's Day and he'll be in Westchester. The last flight out of NYC airports is 7:50 and there's not way on earth he'd make that, so I'm aiming for a connecting flight out of HPN. Only problem is that the latest listed connecting flight out of there is earlier than that. I'm trying to customize a connecting itinerary by using 2 airlines and booking seperately (cost does not matter at this point).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm hunting around but I'd like some direction as far as best hubs to look at connecting from Westchester to PHX.

Thanks in advance! :)

2007-06-12, 09:48 AM

how about trying to get a connection through Pittsburg on U.S. Airways.


2007-06-12, 10:02 AM
Latest USAirways flight is 5:55pm. :(

2007-06-12, 10:47 AM
AC to YYZ at 17:29
US yyz-LAS- PHX 8:58pm - 1:16 AM

Matt Molnar
2007-06-12, 10:54 AM
HPN that late is impossible without a 5 hour layover at best. The latest viable option is US from JFK at 8:19 or EWR at 8:30, with a connection in LAS which lands at PHX at 1:16am. Or he has to leave earlier.

2007-06-12, 11:27 AM

2007-06-12, 12:08 PM
Ok guys...thanks for your efforts, but it has proven to be impossible. Matt's itinerary was the only one that even got him there the same night (overnight) but it just wasn't feasible. He has to go the next morning.

Art at ISP
2007-06-12, 12:49 PM

how about trying to get a connection through Pittsburg on U.S. Airways.



No, she said he has to GET THERE....and there's no guarantee that he will with US Airways these days.

Mel, not sure there is an acceptable option from HPN. but LGA is closest by far.

2007-06-12, 06:27 PM
Tell him to open the wallet and charter an aircraft.
Leave when he wants. ;)