View Full Version : LGA-GSO-CLT-LGA with some fun in between

hiss srq
2007-06-05, 11:08 PM
So I finished up my duties in the tower at 0200 this morning and headded home. Showered, ate got dressed and left for LGA again. I flew an ERJ-145 to GSO and slept most of the trip. That airport is very old school 70'sish. I met up with my buddy Trey and we wnet to the office to take care of what needed to be done which was fast and simple. After that we went to this awesome chinese bistro in GSO proper. From there we went to best buy and I splurged on a few x box 360 games. After that he asks me if I want to go to an Aston Martin dealership. I actually got to test drive a few friggin cars. I was blown away that they allowed me to do so with a Florida state drivers liscence etc.... I had a total blast and than got to the airport to find out from RON the plane I was supposed to be flying in 20 minutes was still in NY. So I hustled over and grabbed a miserable CRJ900 to CLT and than grabbed flight1196 backto NY which was an A-319. I am exhausted to the point my eyes burn from no sleep for two days though. Good trip with no pics though. I did not charge my camera before I left.

2007-06-06, 12:04 AM
I did not charge my camera before I left.

you keep doing that. maybe someone should teach you how to work the thing...