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2007-05-18, 10:03 AM
Next week I do the following, in this order:

New York JFK
Baltimore, MD
Ramstein, Germany
Baltimore, MD
Norfolk, VA
Shannon, Ireland
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Doha, Qatar
Shannon, Ireland
Baltimore, MD
JFK/LGA (don't know which yet)

My previous record for a trip is 19,600 miles. This one is 22,800.

Oh, I'm doing all this in 5 days.

2007-05-18, 10:15 AM
You know, if you were flying in a straight line around the equator, you'd almost make it around the entire world and back home! :shock:

2007-05-18, 10:27 AM
Phils on the move......I'd get really homesick aftrer that route.


2007-05-18, 12:36 PM
damn dude... all i can say is enjoy, and bring a sleeping bag!!

2007-05-18, 12:59 PM
Phil, what exactly is your job that you need to do that trip!?

2007-05-18, 01:12 PM
I'm a contractor for the Department of Defense.

2007-05-18, 01:12 PM
Phil, what exactly is your job that you need to do that trip!?

He could tell you, but then he would have to kill you :shock:

2007-05-18, 01:14 PM
I'm a contractor for the Department of Defense.

Supra-sweet!!! I insure Cessnas... :(

2007-05-18, 01:40 PM

= 25833 mi

The circumference of the earth at the equator is 24901.55 miles, so Phil, you're almost there.

Matt Molnar
2007-05-18, 02:14 PM
And by contractor he means MERCENARY.

2007-05-18, 04:40 PM
im guessing ull hate airline penuts forever

2007-05-18, 06:47 PM
I'll be doing my longest trip yet this upcoming Thursday!! :D

LAX-MIA = 2342
MIA-GRU = 4072
GRU-SSA = 899
SSA-GRU = 899
GRU-DFW = 5111
DFW-LAX = 1235

Total Mileage = 14,558


- jMay

2007-05-18, 07:00 PM
Phil, are you finally getting some stamps in that new passport ?

Have a great working trip !


2007-05-18, 07:01 PM
Not trying to brag or one up anyone, but the difference between your trips and mine is that you get off the plane. I'm only in a hotel for one of those five days, literally living on the plane for all the rest of the trip.

stuart schechter
2007-05-18, 07:21 PM
Have fun popping your ears more than you ever have!

2007-05-18, 07:28 PM
Wow, interesting trip!

I never knew you were a defense contractor, interesting job.

2007-05-18, 07:50 PM
Wow, interesting trip!

I never knew you were a defense contractor, interesting job.

Either did I.... :lol: :lol:

hiss srq
2007-05-18, 07:54 PM
Phils a defense contractor alright. They could not find willing flight attendants to provide releif to soilders and theen there was Phil, jumping up and down like an excited puppy going I'll do it! I'll do it! So there you have it. ;) Just kidding Phil.

2007-05-19, 01:28 AM
Though it's really not a "secret" and mention it here and there, I don't make my job too public due to potential conflicts with the site.

If anyone has specific questions, I might be willing to answer some in private.

2007-05-22, 02:58 PM
In BWI now at the La Quinta. Not that special of a hotel. No bar, I had to go across the street to the Marriot to get a beer (alone). However, they did have Yuengling, the greatest beer ever.

I'm only here for about 5 hours, then I head back to the airport for my trip to Germany.

767, don't fail me now!

2007-05-22, 04:19 PM
I hope you enjoy your trip, and maybe get some nice photos if you can.

BTW, speaking of popping ears, anybody know a good healthy method for that? (which wount hurt your ear drum)

2007-05-22, 04:21 PM
Ahhh LaQuinta yeeeeaaah...yuck..you def need to have a chat with your travel dept there Phil, hope you didn't bring your blue light, lol You should try to have them put you up at Hilton family hotels or Marriot family hotels.

2007-05-22, 05:40 PM
Yeah, I'm certainly not impressed here. There are also a lot of Southwest crews here. Sucks for them....they have to sleep here!

I'm heading out. I'll try to post from Germany.

2007-05-28, 11:14 AM
I'm home.

I tried to post in Germany, but NYCA was blocked in the hotel's parental controls for some reason. Make your own guess there.

The rest of the trip was very cool, but tiring. However, I don't know what to say, as I just woke up from my first full night of sleep. haha

2007-05-28, 12:12 PM
Well tell us more when you're rested. :)

Do you sit in the cabin or a crew rest seat?

2007-05-28, 01:01 PM
I set up "office" in one part of the cabin that I always enjoy. With a few customizations, I'd say I prepare a product nearly as comfortable and useful as EOS.

My final leg from BWI was on Continental, an ERJ-145 to EWR. It was my first time flying into EWR. My flioght's departure was delayed due to ATC congestion in the NY area.

I don't doubt that CO is deserving of the awards they get, but I was unimpressed with what I experienced. All it took was the 1 flight attendant to have an attitude as though she really didn't want to be there to set the poor mood for the flight.

In addition, her first announcements to the pax included an unnecessary advertisement speech about "OnePass", which annoyed me greatly.

EWR isn't too bad of an airport. But there was lack of needed signage for various things in Terminal C where I came in.

Other aspects of my trip, I saw Air Greenland's inaugural flight into BWI. In Shannon, Ireland, I saw wingletted 757s from US, CO and AA side by side.

Many more details to come at a later time.

2007-05-28, 08:55 PM
Phil remember the ERJ you flew on wasn't CO metal but a contract carrier. Even though their standards are suppose to be that of the mainline carrier they do work for often times its not. There was big article a couple months back on this exact compliant.

2007-05-28, 10:44 PM
Glad You found your way home from EWR....ahemmmm

2007-05-29, 06:22 AM
NYCMedic saved my life, yes. :)