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2007-05-13, 09:35 AM
Greetings ...

What if I’m confronted by the authorities at a terminal … or in the field … by a security person who remembers me from an earlier encounter.

Having previously been “warned off” … what can happen here … and what are our options? In-the-field spotting sites especially could be patrolled by the same security types … say from a local precinct.

Or would they just chase us off repeatedly … hoping we eventually got the message and just stayed away?


Mike (shamrock838)

2007-05-13, 09:43 AM
Well if your on private property and have been told not to be there before then by all means you can get detained. We've been stopped by the same officer a few times and its the same routine, if your doing nothing wrong then no need to worry. Most officers are very professional and respectful, the one's who've stopped us multiple times even more so.

Honestly Mike I know your new at this but you're looking into it to much. Check the spotting maps go to those locations and enjoy. If you get stopped just tell the officer what your doing, its no big deal. If your get worked up and try to plan your response ahead of time its going to look odd. Just go out and enjoy, its a hobby if its going to cause an ulcer then we should all pick another hobby, lol

2007-05-13, 12:02 PM
Mike you are reading too much into this. Use your head and know your rights and the situation. If it's private property and your asked to leave act the right way, show your ID and leave. Depending on the situation you can return to certain spots and be fine if you let things die down and don't cause a problem. Some spots like inwood park are public and you can shoot till your hearts content.