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2007-05-11, 07:53 PM
Greetings to all ...

At LGA I’ve have no trouble at the three LGA terminal indoor observation lookouts … to date. Security … including armed military types … has paid me no mind ... which is how I like it.

Outside the terminal area I used to stand on an unnamed little knoll just outside the inner fence and beyond the perimeter road at the end of runway 4 … on the airport side of the Grand Central Parkway.

One day I was taking photos of aircraft landing (WHOOOSH!) and taking off to the NE when (2) NYPD squad cars cruised to a stop on the perimeter road and the first officer beckoned me over while the second car stayed alert close behind ... as backup? Maybe someone phoned in a tip on me and they weren’t taking any chances.

The first guy asked what I was doing. Naïve me said I was taking pictures of planes taking off as it was a hobby of mine. He politely but firmly informed me I shouldn’t be doing this so near an FAA monitoring facility which he pointed out at the edge of the same knoll … something I wasn’t even aware was a problem.

He checked my ID … to see where I lived? ... and was surprised that I was "local" ... in Flushing as a matter of fact. I guess this helped. He then consulted his mobile computer … to see if I had a record? ... found nothing and said he was not reporting me. I explained in my sometimes halting way ... I'm a sensitive guy who stutters at times ... that I was merely enjoying what I considered to be a benign and harmless hobby ... a long-nurtured love of one of man's most sublime, beautiful, and awesome creations ... the modern commercial airliner. He was not impressed.

When he did seem satisfied … I was nevertheless “requested” to vacate the area … then and there … which I did. As I dutifully walked away I caught the eye of the backup guy who shook his head as if to say … “Hey dude … haven’t you heard of 09/11?”

Needless to say I haven’t been back to that particular spot since ... especially I've since discovered "Plane View Park" and "Landing Lights Park" on the other side of the Grand Central. More on that in another e-mail.


Mike (shamrock838)

2007-05-11, 07:59 PM
The hillis a GREAT spot, but unfortunately, pretty mcuh forbidden to be used.

2007-05-11, 09:51 PM
It is airport property and the FAA facility, fuel farm and pipeline are not too far away.

There is a perimeter fence detection system that if you even touched the fence would send alerts so it may be better to stay on the South side of the GCP.

2007-05-11, 11:04 PM

2007-05-12, 01:16 PM
Yea, just like that.

2007-05-13, 05:00 AM
PORT doen't like anyone on that hill at all, the FAA gets really nervous when they spot people out there. i'm an LGA resident and i've gotten the boot from there before too.

they ran your ID to make sure you didn't have any warrants out on you. being local doesn't matter (see above.) get used to the attitude, still out in abundance...

2007-05-13, 10:23 AM
I think especially with the Fort Dix situation being local doesn't mean much.