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hiss srq
2007-05-10, 01:37 AM
So yesterday directly from work me and Alexa flew to SJU. I was pretty tired as it was because I had been up since noon the day before and was working ramp control for 8 hours at LGA. We got on the 6 AM CRJ and I fell asleep before we were off the gorund. 30 minutes later or so with a loud bang as the gear came down I sort of became coherent again as we landed in PHL. There was about 2.5 hours to kill before I was scheduled to leave for SJU so we wnet and got some food. The second leg was on an A-330 still in old colors. I elected for seats in the dead last row of the plane so as to have a window seat. The flight was great and the inflight team did a great job. We had a quick sandwich and some snacks on the way down as I watched a few movies and listend to some tunes. We landed in San Juan and headded to the Borinquen which is on the beach off of Isla Verde Ave. in San Juan. It is steps from the beach and a good 30 minute walk to the airport if you so choose to do so but we took a cab. I fell asleep for a few hours before we went to the beach for a little bit to get the last rays of sun than out to dinner and time to savor the nigth life there in San Juan which is something I need to do upon being single again.
The next morning we woke up and went out to do a little shopping and hit the beach once more. Afterwards we went to the airport and decided to do some shopping which did not work out as neither of us had seat assingments which ment the people at duty free gave us a hard time. So I waled around and spotted from inside. I love going to Puerto Rico because of the planes you can see there. I used to go once a month or two when I was with my ex being she was from San Sebastian herself. I love the 727's and DC-3's there. We got Envoy class coming home. I could live on the A-330 if I was given the choice. We were served drinks prior to push and than off we went. The A-330 take a heck of a long take off roll is something I have noticed. Envoy is a blast. We were served meals which were pretty good followed by cheesecake to die for. I watched a movie and than played around with the music selection a little bit. Soon enough it was time to land. I met up with Ed Mcoy for about an hour as we had a slight MX delay on the Dash we were flying on. Once on board I gave the F/A a hand with gate checks and such than sat down to relax and enjoy my favorite turboprop. Soon enough we were home in LGA. It was a fun but short trip. I think that SJU and SXM are going to become extremely frequnet trips for me. I am planning one for two weeks from now either alone or with the guys now. Next week it is OAJ as of now to see a buddy of mine who came home from Iraq though.

P.S. I know I have a massive dust spot on the sensor.

A DC-3 with one wing.
Hanging out in Envoy.
Climbing out of PHL

2007-05-10, 11:43 AM
Nice pics...it's good to know you can stop off at Condom World before getting a Massage 24 hours a day. ;)

hiss srq
2007-05-10, 07:36 PM
True but let me make clear that I did not partake myself.

stuart schechter
2007-05-10, 10:20 PM
Condom world! Buy your raincoats here!

2007-05-10, 11:20 PM
I'm amazed US uses the A330 to San Juan and not a 767 or A321. I guess they must fill it up, nice ride though. Ryan that's not a dust spot btw, its a booger! LOL

hiss srq
2007-05-11, 08:59 AM
767's fly there from CLT. PHL sends the spare 330-300 there as well as a 319 in off season and in high season they go form three movements to 20 yes count it 20 movements a day through SJU with everything from the 319 up through the 330 and 767. It is a HUGE cargo market of USAirways.