View Full Version : NCPD on Sunday

hiss srq
2007-04-30, 10:58 PM
Sunday me, Josh, Gordon, and Eric went out spotting as you all know and wound up at Firestone. Suprise suprise NCPD pulled up and questioned us. One of the officers was familiar with what we were doing and proceeded to run all of our ID's. A second officer pulled up and helped run ID. Than the second cop proceeded to back up and block my car in. At about that point I was like oh great now what is going on. I guess he was trying to spook us or somthing but he got out and handed us our ID's. Spooked me a bit but all was well. It took like 45 minutes for him to do it all and than he rhetorically asked me what I do for a living after I handed him two badges along with my Florida Drivers liscence.