View Full Version : LGA-PHL-CVG & Back

04-20-2007, 01:12 PM
I took a short trip to Cincy this past week connecting in PHL. Was only for a day but was nice to be out of the office once again. Plus I went to the Great American Ballpark to see a Reds game. Would you beleive that for $40.00 I got tickets that were five rows from the thirdbase dugout! Great seats!
Anyway, here's a few from PHL. I didn't get the chance to take any photos at CVG unfortunately.


Nothing earth-shattering but fun none the less.
USA 4241 LGA-PHL 04-17-07
USA 3807 PHL-CVG 04-17-07
USA 3988 CVG-PHL 04-18-07
USA 3198 PHL-LGA 04-18-07