View Full Version : Notes from around the patch

2007-04-01, 07:47 AM
Ladies,Gents, We are at the peak of our busy season right now,I am more of the sky than the earth lately,pulling contrails over most of the lower 48,and southern Ontario (currently laying over at YYZ). There has been no time to compose a trip report,but I will post some highlights like the L-1011-500, I spied in Vegas last week. Resplendent in a lovely blue,white,and silver livery she will be joined by a sister ship for gambling charters to Macau, sponsered by the Venetian casino. Also noted in Vegas was a blue/white civilian stretch C-130, on its way to do some quiet work for a certain government agency and a Lufthansa A340-600,she of the anemic climb rate who will provide entertainment for the controllers along with our ancient,honorable 727's when we stagger off of 25R and sag upwards, later this year when spring,and summers oven heat arrives.Lastly at EWR a few days ago,we enjoyed the company of a sister ship 676, at area 15 before blasting for our respective destinations. Thats all for now, trip reports next week,when I get a few days off.