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Art at ISP
03-06-2007, 06:10 PM
Here is a trip report from yesterday/today as posted on USAviation (with permission of me, the author):

absolutely positively had to be in SEA yesterday by noon, and with the reservation system fiasco at US, I decided to give CO another try. Bottom line? 2 for 2 on outstanding trips.

1-JFK-IAH CO1027

I arrived at JFK at oh dark thirty (read 4:20AM) for the 5:30AM departure to IAH. I had checked in on line as I didn't know what to expect at JFK at that hour. This was my first time in or out of Terminal 4 at JFK.

Through security and off to the gate-no one home. I had been waitlisted for F on both outbound legs, and realistically did not expect to clear IAH-SEA, but it looked good for JFK-IAH. Finally the agent arrives, logs on, and grudgingly handles three questions or so from waiting customers. (I say grudgingly because a. it was JFK and b. it was before 5AM and I guess it showed). She was efficient and curt. I politely asked about the F waitlist, and she responded "No upgrades today--F checked in full" NEXT?

About 2 minutes later another agent arrives with paperwork. She tells the first agent that there are messages-customers have been upgraded and don't know it yet. I wait back and instead of bothering her again, I just go to board with the other elites. The lady is impressed that I actually cut off the top of the OLCI boarding pass, then says "Wait a minute"....looks at her list, crosses out 14A and says "you're in 1A". Better news was not to be had at 5AM. (Question--do they not announce gate upgrades or is it again just JFK?)

On board greeted by a delightful crew. Turns out there was no water loaded on board, and we were catered in F with coach carts--they get it straightened out and we're on our way. As we climb out, we are given our choice of breakfast--cereal or omelette. Now remember I am a US flyer, so I didn't expect much. LO and Behold, a few minutes later-hot towels! Followed by a fruit plate served on glass! With real utensils! Then hot biscuits (I thought I was either dreaming or transported back 10 years). A decent omelette, and constant attention from the crew--an outstanding experience to say the least.

2-IAH-SEA CO 1767

This was the one where I sort of knew the upgrade wasn't happening-I had hedged my bets and got exit row. The agent confirmed that it was not to be, and off I went to board with elites, and had a nice albeit long flight (5 hours) to SEA. Again there was a meal in COACH! On time arrival in SEA and off to the meeting I had to be there for.

3-SEA-IAH CO 760

The infamous red eye. Seemed somewhat full, checked in with an agent, who was very nice-and chatty, breezed through security, and went to the PC in B concourse. I was greeted by two very nice ladies, and we had a chat about the US fiasco and they said they had had some glitches in their res system but nothing like US had.

Off to the flight-had the same cabin crew I had coming out in the morning-we all did a double take-they asked me if I had flown out with them in the morning and I said yes.
A snack plate and a movie on a redeye--US says their customers don't want them--guess again. Actually slept a bit and early arrival in IAH, followed by the mile walk to the other terminal for the connection. Another PC right near this gate as well, greeted by yet another friendly agent, who offered any and all assistance but all was in order.

4-IAH-JFK CO1484

Another great crew--joking around with them as it was early in the morning--for them. More hot towels, and another meal served in courses. Go figure. On time arrival at JFK despite very heavy wind--a little bit of a roundabout routing but all well.


CO appears to get it regarding premium customers--both full fare and frequent travelers. They are actively courting the business traveler, in contrast to some others.....

This is merely a statement of contrast...tomorrow back to US for JFK-LAS. We'll see how that goes.....

To CO-thanks for a great experience.

My best to you all.....




Art at ISP

03-06-2007, 08:44 PM
Good Reading Art,

I'm liking CO more and more.


PHL Approach
03-06-2007, 11:37 PM
Art, welcome to the club. Being a US guy myself. I flew on my first non US flight about a month ago on CO and I must admit. They have the best service! The meals were great. Had three drink services to IAH and the FA's were great. I cant imagine F on them! I'll tell you what, I felt like I was in F minus the extra room.


Art at ISP
03-07-2007, 06:13 PM
PHL--If you have to be in coach, just go for an exit row--the extra room makes a difference.

Now to be fair I flew JFK-LAS this morning on US-the 7:30AM departure. We left a few minutes late, taxied out to the approach end of 13R (De Icing Tent), got deiced, then taxied all the way out to 31L for departure. In all a 55 minute delay, we arrived in LAS only 20 minutes behind schedule--checked Flightaware logs, and they had one direct rte-J60 from ETX to BCE. VERY low groundspeeds early on, but I guess they made some of it up.

Now the fact that the US F product is deficient is a given, but the FA working F was one of the best I have ever encountered. She introduced herself by name to every passenger and thanked each one individually just before landing. It was a very nice touch, and a good flight--and I saw the parts of Casino Royale that I slept through on Monday. Amazing how different airlines run the same movies at almost the same time....but thats a topic for another day.

03-07-2007, 09:45 PM
Well, I hope the right people at US see that. Coming from a staunch supporter of US, perhaps it might open some eyes.

03-14-2007, 01:55 PM
Sorry, but that is just dumb to go JFK-IAH-SEA! But on the other hand, glad you enjoyed it!

03-14-2007, 02:05 PM
Sorry, but that is just dumb to go JFK-IAH-SEA! But on the other hand, glad you enjoyed it!

Why is that dumb? I've done LGA-DFW-ANC. Not the most ideal way to go but that's what AA offered at the time. Getting out to SEA from NY isn't the easiest. The choices really aren't the greatest. AA did have non-stop at one time from JFK but dropped it. B6 is only once a day, and I'd rather fly Air Iran then Delta any day of the week. Now if it was me I'd do ISP-MDW-SEA on WN....but as we know Art isn't a fan of being able to sit anywhere he wants ;)