View Full Version : Whos' got my JetBlue at PBI on 2/26

03-03-2007, 07:46 PM
So i'm sitting in a hotel in West Palm Beach on sunday the 25 of Feb, counting the hours till I get home. I've got a Jet Blue 1145 flight to JFK.
So i'm thinking, I got down here with no problem on Wendsday on an early 6am flight. It was even early getting in. This was after the mess it sustained after the snow storm.
My wife calls me and says are you looking at the news? No, I haven't looked at the news all week, it was a bad week.
My wife informs me they(NYC) are expecting 5 to 7 inches and Jet Blue is canceling flights already. Not good. I run to the front desk and ask if it costs anything to hold the room for another night. the girl asks why, I tell her, she laughs, and says she was stuck in JFK for 2 days last week, no problem, room held to 6pm.
I call J/B, flight is on time to PBI, But i ask where is it comming from?
thats the key. the CSR comes the line after about 10 min, and says its from Buffalo to JFK leaving at 530am. Buffalo is getting hammered.
My wife checks the on line info at 6am on monday and its on time and cancelled, HUH?
I call J/B Its on time, I ask about it being cancelled in Buffalo, nope on time. So i head to PBI, I get there and its a ghost town. Oh not good.
The J/B counter is empty, 3 in line. My turn, Wheres my plane? It's at the gate, The cancelled the Buffalo to JFK flight and sent the plane to PBI direct.
I stop by the concorse for a view of the airport and breakfast. I glance over ar Delta jetways, and not one plane at the gates. Empty.
Same for most of the other carriers. But my pretty J/B is at the gate.
The gate was packed with standby and delayed, must have been over 300 waiting for one plane.
I got to NY on time, and cancelled the hotel, no cost. Pays to plan ahead.