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02-20-2007, 12:38 PM
I was Schedualed to fly Thurs. 2/15 on JB 153 to MCO with my 2 daughters, ( my wife had made it down the day before somehow) as we were about to leave for JFK I called in to findout our flight was cancled, and of course they had on other flights till Monday....I stayed on the phone with jetblue to try to find any flight into Florida at all almost had a Tampa flight but it only had 2 seats not 3 then while we were talking a "new" flight poped up Flt 4003 dpt. JFK 11:00 arr. MCo 1:15 am late but we'd still get there.but she go early and maybe you can get on an earlier flight.... and stupidly I listened to her... so we arrived at JFK at around 4:30 . of course it was a zoo and there was no chance to get on any other flight if they even left. I turned out that JB had chartered planes from North AMerican Ryan International, Omni and maybe some others... After mass confusion in the terminal as to which plan was going where, (LAS, FLL, MCO) we boarded at 1:15am JB had booked to charter flights 4003, and 4008 in that order, but they boarded 4008 first then had open seating for the passengers of 4003, and if there were any seats left they would let on anyone else going to another florida city.. I managed to get 2 sleeping kids onto the flight and sit in 2 ABC I didn't get the tail number but this wasn't a new 757 by any means....and my oldest daughter who is 6 peaked open one eye and asked where were the TV's????

Our flight was being handled by JB's director of Purchasing ... very nice and calm man. once aboad we still needed fuel, and to complete the manifest since it was open seating, the fuel truck came but it's couldn't reach the wing of a 757so we had to wait for a different one. then the manifest was 3 people short so the went person by person trying to match names to the list this by now it was after 3am... we were finally ready to go at 3:25 and taxied out and left I was so tired I didn;'t even care which runway we took off from etc. for service we had soda or coffee- blue chips or munchee mix... the Ryan air crew were great friendly and felt bad for all of us.
we landed at 6:15 and right to the gate

the biggest problem I had with jetble that night was lack of communication and information, there was no information for the charter flights at all anywhere just had to listen for anouncement that never came

this was just the short verision of what happend put get most of the details. and to cap it all off we had to wear winter coats at Disney because it was so cold down there....